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BrewDog, a Scotland based company is giving their 1,000 worldwide employees one week’s paid leave when they welcome a new puppy into their lives.

Hey, I’ve got your attention, don’t I?! Although the above statement is true… I do know I have your attention…. We could talk about perks, benefits and zero-vacation all day… but right now… let’s talk about the perks and benefits of being a member of the Hutchinson Chamber.

I have TWO new Perks and a new Project to tell you about!

Perks equal great business support!

Gina, Communication Coordinator, is an extremely organized person, ready to help anyone. I was able to work with Gina back at Hutchinson Health, and I am thrilled to work with her again. You’ll see the newsletter and invitations come from Gina, so add her to your must-know list, 320-234-0786

Ashley, Membership Coordinator, is a ray of sunshine and loves to learn. She’s excited to meet you and learn more about your business. Ashley is new to Hutchinson, so if you have advice for her, give her a shout. She’ll be providing Member Services and Support, so contact her with your questions, needs and requests 234-0789

I’m still here! As President, I am here to guide Hutchinson Businesses into the future. We are working on solutions to areas of concern for Hutchinson businesses. I am proud to say we will be supporting businesses throughout the Construction of Hwy 15/ Main Street. Starting now and working through 2020, the Main Street 2020 Task Force will be providing information, direction, and support to all businesses. Watch for future updates to learn more about how we will help all Hutchinson businesses through one year of challenge to enjoy the new road and amenities the construction will bring.

Look for more information about Gina and Ashley in the October newsletter!

Something from Mary!

Workforce Retention- what are you doing to KEEP employees?

  • Volunteer Programs
  • Pleasing Work Environment
  • Deeper Employee Relationships
  • Appreciation Programs
  • Flexible Schedules

We continue to hear about the job market.

We continue to hear about the lack of employees.

We continue to hear about workforce solutions.

As a business owner or manager, you have an ace in the hole. You HAVE employees…. KEEP THEM!

Perhaps you saw the Star Tribune Top Work Places 2017 Edition which came out last weekend. It includes some good articles about companies of all sizes working to retain the employees they already have! The common thread is each business creates benefits and builds flexibility to meet the needs of their employees and business.

From ping pong tables to set-your-own work schedule, employers are finding unique ways to provide tangible and intangible ways to support employees.

We know in Hutchinson some manufacturers have begun hiring part-time production, and businesses such as the chamber have adjusted hours to allow staff flexibility in scheduling their work day. Perhaps you might like to stop in the Chamber for the 2pm Dance Party.

I encourage each business, including those who say “we have to do it this way,” to review what you do, invite input from your employees, and be open to the possibilities.

We’re also interested in hearing from smaller businesses how the chamber can help many small businesses in a cooperative effort.

Feel free to send me a message or stop in and tell me what you are doing to keep your great employees.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Something from Mary

What Leadership Is To Me


Recently Hutchinson Ambassador and Bring It Home Committee Member Brian Renner posted a remarkable story on Facebook. Someone who had signed up for Be The Match at his son Carter’s 2016 Benefit had received a call telling them they were a match to someone who needed a bone marrow transplant in the United States.

Maybe you know the story behind the Renner Family’s battle with cancer last year, maybe you don’t…… the middle part of the story is a one of a family battling through juvenile cancer, the ups and downs of test results, waiting, waiting and more waiting, battles of endurance, juggling the needs of Carter’s three siblings, the demands of full time careers, and more waiting. I am going to tell you more of the story….

Dawn Renner (insert SuperMom music here) began the Hutchinson Leadership Institute in the fall of 2015. Shortly after the beginning of class, like a WEEK later, the Renner’s had received the news Carter was going to be battling cancer and needed in-depth treatment and the family would be constantly at his side in Minneapolis. Dawn and her family knew she would need to withdraw from the class. The Leadership class was of course saddened to lose someone from the class who had already built relationships and nicknames with. The class moved on, sending special thoughts and prayers to Dawn periodically.  Half way through the year, the class is divided into Project Groups. Each group reviews community needs, evaluate projects to strengthen the community and provide community service experience in a variety of community topics. ie: education, park & rec, civic, non-profit, etc.

Here’s where our Group Projects took a turn….. one group was anxious to help their past classmate… “What if we connected with Be The Match and did a bone marrow donor drive?” From there, they ran with it.  They did not stop at one, no… they did a blood drive and donor drive at the mall, then coordinated with Carter’s Benefit Committee and set up a donor drive there as well. They went through training to take samples, provide information and walk potential donors through the paper work. I remember many of us also writing notes to the anonymous donor from Germany, thanking them for their selflessness. The group worked with passion to help someone, anyone, if nothing else, honor Dawn and her family’s tireless battle.

Now just a little more than a year later…. That drive, that one idea may have saved the life of another person, and perhaps more in the future.  That group project may have brought another family peace and health.

Sometimes leadership isn’t guiding others to see fruits of your labor today, it can be a faith-filled choice to know you might be doing something with a ripple affect farther into the future.

I of course love the idea of this “Hutchinson Leadership Institute, we build community and save lives.” Even if we aren’t saving lives, we are building community and I can tell you, that class will never forget the lessons learned because of one family’s diagnosis of cancer. We are Community. We are Hutchinson.

Post Notes: Today Carter is home, doing well, finished sixth grade and is enjoying a summer filled with his favorite activities with no limitations.

Dawn Renner Graduated the Hutchinson Leadership Institute on May 17, 2017.

Something From Mary

So I know I beat the drum frequently, but here’s just another opportunity to THANK and RECOGNIZE our small businesses in the Hutchinson Area.

Did you know?

  • 540,000 new businesses are started each month in the US
  • 65% of all new jobs come from small businesses
  • There are 28 million small businesses in US, which outnumber corporations 1162 to 1.

(Sources: Carbonite, Start Small, Tentacle)

Small Businesses are run by tenacious, spirited, hard-working, strong- hearted individuals. These people know and love their products and services. They believe in the work they do, the community they live in and want to make our community a better place.

Let’s look at some unique side-effects of shopping online or out-of- town versus locally.

The costs of gas when you travel outside of Hutchinson, and the effects of fuel in our environment.

Road wear and tear- seriously you complain about the roads, let’s think about the wear on our vehicles.

The loss of stores who must compete against online purchases.

We complain about being too busy, well driving somewhere else to buy something we have in town is wasting time, precious time.

I know we don’t have EVERYTHING in Hutchinson, BUT we have a great deal of stores and people here to help us find what we need. Local businesses support youth activities, events, pay taxes – which cover costs of crucial city services, and they actually want to see your smiling face. 🙂

No matter where you shop in Hutchinson, money stays local.  I spoke with Scott Hilgeman, Walmart Store Manager for a Bring It Home video, he shared with me Walmart donated over $200,000 back into our community last year. So whether you shop at locally owned and operated, or bigger chain stores… it makes a difference!

Please consider our hard working LOCAL businesses the next time you are looking for the perfect “something.”

Thank you Small Business Owners for your dedication to our Community! We appreciate you!

Something from Mary

40,000 Fewer People for Hire in MN

Creativity: the use of the imagination or original ideas

Synonyms: inventiveness, imagination, innovation, originality, individuality

Right now we need creativity, and all the other synonyms to manage the workforce shortage we are experiencing and are going to continue to experience.

Right now, in Minnesota, we have 40,000 fewer people in the workforce than we did one year ago. Yes, in just Minnesota….. way less people in the workforce. Now we know that is because of the baby boomers retiring, and the trailing generations have less people to fill this gap.

RIGHT NOW we all need to be thinking about HOW we do our work, not just WHO will do what we need now. Job openings are going to sky rocket, and seriously, there will be no one to step into MANY of these jobs.

So, how will YOU change HOW you work, hire, think?

I find this 40,000 number staggering. Here are some thoughts from my abys:

Work Load: What tasks do we currently take on, that don’t fit our work/mission?

Wait?! Do you know your mission?

Cross Training: If one person is out of the office/plant/etc for a day or a week, or more, who can step in and fill their role(s)?

Flexibility: What flexibility do you offer? Not just WHEN someone works, but WHERE and HOW? This is not about millennials, or Gen Z, this is about EVERYONE.

HAVE TO: Whenever you say “but we HAVE TO, do this, or that”….. Do you? No, really, do you have to do it the way you have, or this specific way, or in this order?

Lean Management & Six Sigma: this is an entirely separate conversation, HOWEVER, here is my synopsis: a process in which EVERYONE helps to provide steps for more productivity and quality of work, and reduce waste in the work place. Not garbage waste. Waste of time, inventory, motion, transportation, over- and under-production, and skills. There are some very good resources online about making your office or workplace leaner and more efficient.

These are just my top-of-mind thoughts this month, your team needs to be thinking about what you do on a daily, monthly and annual basis and how might this look different. Be willing to listen and consider the ideas and suggestions of others.

Something from Mary

Myth Busters: No matter what organization you are, there are always assumptions made about your business. The Chamber is no different, so I thought it might be helpful to dispel the common myths we hear regularly.

Myth: The City signs our paychecks. We are part of the City. We are one in the same with the City.

Busted: The Chamber is a Separate entity from the City. Aside from collecting Lodging Tax dollars which are used to promote Hutchinson and bring people here, we have no legal connection to the City. Now, that being said, we have a great working relationship with everyone at the city. Hutchinson is very fortunate to have such open leaders, organizations and businesses to get the work done! Don’t feel bad, this is a very common misconception. So all those bank and school holidays…we don’t get (ALL) of them off.

Myth: the Chamber Staff only works from 10am-4pm

Busted: the office is open for calls and walk-ins during these hours, however the staff works 40+ hours a week. We changed the hours when the Dept of Labor was changing overtime rules. We have kept the adjustment as we continue to use the hours we’re closed to work on catching up on phone calls, paper work, etc. it also allows staff some flexibility when we are coming in for early meetings and staying late for events.

Myth: The Chamber organizes all the big events in town.

Busted: We do not. You may see us at many events; you may see our logo attached to many events, but Water Carnival, RiverSong, MN Garlic Festival, Orange Spectacular, MN Pottery Festival, are run by their own set of VOLUNTEERS. Yes, these are volunteer run organizations and they DO A FABULOUS job! So no, the Chamber’s Father’s Day Parade is not a real thing.

We currently host the Annual Arts & Crafts Festival, Bring It Home Family Fun and Business Expo, the Hometown Golf Challenge, and through this summer the Music in the Park Summer Concert Series.

Myth: The Hutchinson Community Foundation is part of the Chamber.

Busted: Nope, this isn’t true either. Fact: the Community Foundation meets at the Chamber, we provide administrative services for them, and they do reimburse us for these services. Now, we love when they are here, and we love October when they invite all their grant winners to come for show and tell, photos and checks are handed out!

Myth: We work with all the Community Organizations

Truth! We do work with MANY Community Organizations, some very closely. For any event happening in town, the general public comes to the Chamber for information and we work to have as much information as possible on the community calendar, which is seen by over 100 people a day, and during the busy summer weekends- even more!

Myth: the Chamber isn’t “political.”

Well…. Sort of. The Chamber Board of Directors has an issue endorsement policy in place, which stipulates we will not endorse any issue that benefits one business or industry over another. We DO support issues that benefit ALL LOCAL businesses. In the past we’ve supported work to protect businesses from drive-by ADA compliance lawsuits, update state business taxes which currently have automatic infiltrators, and represent 30% of most owners taxes. And most recently, we worked with legislators to stop the Dept. of Labor’s ruling on overtime.

Something from Mary!

Did you make a New Year’s resolution to work out? To exercise more, creating a stronger, healthier body? Maybe you were looking to gain core strength, or perhaps you have an injury which needs specific muscle groups to become stronger to aid in the healing.

The Chamber has services much like a gym. Services that can benefit all business needs, ongoing maintenance, or just what you might specifically need.

With Mollie joining the Chamber as our Membership Coordinator, it’s a great time to remind our members about reviewing your benefits and learning more about the services we provide 24/7/365.

Our services are designed to help YOUR BUSINESS.

Whether you need:

  • Marketing
  • Promotion
  • Education
  • Opportunities to develop your skills
  • Personal development
  • Networking with other local businesses
  • Keeping your name and business top of mind to others… we can help you!

Time to flex your muscles, get moving and use your Chamber Membership to make your business stronger, leaner, faster….

Call the Chamber 320-587-5252 or email Mollie to set up an appointment

Something from Mary

I suppose the recent events at the Faribault Chamber of Commerce are still sitting close to my heart as I write this. Sometimes I sit down to write an article, and who knows what will happen when I type.

As we begin a new year, a few things come to mind as you go into a new business year…

  1. Business Emergency Plans. These ‘plans’ in case of an emergency, including a staff lose, fire, or any number of things can help employees know how to respond to emergencies and perhaps tragedies. We must keep going… our minds know this… but perhaps our hearts will struggle.
  2. Up-to-date Procedures. How timely, as we here at the Hutchinson Chamber will be going through staff transition as Matt moves over to Citizens Bank. Keeping daily, weekly, monthly and annual procedures current will help those coming in to take over duties, no matter the situation. Allowing people to “just know” what they do, or “I have it all up here” (imagine the motion of them taping at their noggin) simply won’t help anyone left to carry on or pick up where someone has left off.
  3. Know Your Employees. Know what is happening in their lives. Watch for signs, listen for cues, offer assistance and community resources. We cannot save everyone, but gol’ darn it, let’s try. Make yourself familiar with various local organizations that can help in the cases of Domestic and Sexual Assault, Homelessness, Addiction, Depression, or Suicide Intervention/Prevention.

As I bid you Happy New Year’s, my hope and wish for you and your employees is truly a SAFE, HAPPY and SUCCESSFUL 2017!

McLeod Alliance for Victims of Domestic Violence 1-800-934-0851

Safe Avenues (800) 792-4210

Common Cup Ministry (320) 587-2213

United Community Action Partnership (800) 829-2132

Crisis Text Line to connect with trained counselors about anything Text “Go” to 741741 Free, 24/7

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255 (24/7) Press 1 for Veterans line

Police 911- it may seem obvious to some, BUT they are here for emergencies
Non-Emergency situations are invited by Chief Hatten to call 320-587-2242 and speak with an officer of investigator to explore their options. Chief Hatten also offers presenters for work groups and others.


Barb Larson, Faribault Chamber Membership and Event Coordinator died Friday, December 23rd, while staffing the Chamber office over the noon hour. She was shot by her ex-husband, who then killed himself. Barb was very kind, fun and extremely encouraging to others in the industry.

Something from Matt & Mary: Membership 2017

During this time of year, many of us celebrate the holidays with family and friends by eating delicious food, giving gifts and getting together to celebrate the time gone by… And I think I can safely say that we have all been a part of a get together or party that was just plain not for you.  That one family member who brings the fruitcake no one eats, the friend who drags you to the bar or party when all you want to do is curl up on the couch with Netflix, the work party that, well, not a lot of people want to spend more of their personal time at work…. You get my drift.  So where am I going with this?  There is no one, cookie-cutter way of dealing with the holidays.  What works for some people does not work for others, and there is nothing wrong with that!  We all have different wants and needs when it comes to this time of the year and our diversity is what makes us unique.  Embrace it!

Similarly, no one Chamber Membership is the same.  Much like our local businesses and members, we all bring something different to the table and have different wants and needs.  What works for 3M may not work for Hutch Sport Shop, and vice versa.  And again, there is nothing wrong with that, in fact, we celebrate it!

For 2017, we at the Chamber are working with our members to fully customize their membership to fit their business.  We have restructured our membership options to be able to have maximum flexibility when it comes to your investment dollars with us.  Looking for more involvement in the community?  We can help with that.  Looking for more advertising?  We can help with that too!  We have laid out many options when it comes to choosing where your investment fits with your business.  Whether you are a multi-million dollar organization or a small shop pursuing your passion, we want you to feel like you are getting exactly what you are looking for with your Chamber Membership.

In the upcoming weeks and months, Mary and I will be out and about chatting and working with our members about how we can structure your membership to best suit your wants and needs.  The more feedback we get, the better idea we have of how we at the Chamber can help grow your business and its relationships.  After all, that is exactly what we are here for!

So as we reflect on an eventful 2016, we look forward to 2017 and all that is has to offer.  Do not hesitate contacting us to set up a meeting today, next week… whenever!  Thank you for being members and we look forward to working with you in the upcoming year!

Hutchinson Chamber New Office Hours

To resist is futile.

“One reason people resist change is because they focus on what they have to give up,
instead of what they have to gain.”
-Rick Godwin

A business person must be nimble, fluid, open to adjustments, willing to ying instead of yang. You do it all day… we all do. Things do change. Things do need to be adjusted from time to time.

Recently, the chamber board and staff made the decision to adjust the chamber’s hours of operation. We are adjusting when we are open to the public, not necessarily because we want to, but, this is the best way to TAKE CARE OF OUR CHAMBER MEMBERS, while managing changes made to salary structures by the Dept. of Labor.

What will be gained with this adjustment of hours? Staff will be able to attend important community and committee meetings, we’ll be able to serve members when it is best for them, not because of office hours. The flexibility our staff will appreciate will reap benefits for you, our members, just as it should.

So what’s next?

As of November 21, 2016 our hours will be 10am to 4pm. The majority of our walk-in traffic and phone volume is during these hours.

The board room will still be available, from 9am-4pm. There may be a few exceptions due to events. For any organization who may be used to having access to this room from 8-5… your attendees may be cheering right now… (shorter meetings)

Committee meetings scheduled outside of the 10-4 time-frame will stay the same for now.

I am going to thank you in advance for being nimble, open to adjustments, willing to bend with the wind with us on this. There’s always a silver lining, a bright side, and ever notice there’s always something in the glass whether you think it’s half full or half empty?

Yep, I still get to be perky, sparkly, positive and jam-packed with sunshine. So we’ll adjust our hours, meet your needs, and keep #MuchInHutch!