Bring It Home!

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BRING IT HOME! is a program focused on raising awareness on the benefits of spending money locally, rather than traveling out of town for personal and business needs. Local businesses display a window sticker reminding the public to “Bring It Home,” and a committee works to emphasis the importance of each dollar spent at a locally owned and operated business.

Here are a few reasons to keep your dollars at home:

  • The taxes paid by local businesses help to support our community!  According to the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce, 42% of the local and state tax burden in Minnesota is paid by businesses.  Without their support our property taxes would be higher! It is likely that we would have less to spend on important operations like our schools, police department, fire department and many other programs that depend on tax dollars!
  • Spending $100 at a locally owned independent business keeps $68 Dollars within the local economy!*
  • Spending $100 at a national chain keeps $43 Dollars within the local economy!*
  • Shopping online keeps ZERO Dollars within our community!
  • Shopping locally saves you gas and time!
  • Local businesses make up a significant portion of the employee base, providing more jobs to you and your family!
  • Community groups and non-profits are heavily dependent upon local business for charitable donations!
  • You typically get more knowledge and friendlier customer service locally!
  • Help Hutchinson stand out from the crowd! Our business owners are largely responsible for attracting people, more business and opportunities to our community!
  • If we do not support our local businesses, they will not survive!

Our objective is to have residents and local businesses commit to keeping an additional 5% of the money currently spent outside of Hutchinson local!

What Can I Do?

  • Think when making a purchase online, “Can I buy this product locally?”
  • Examine your perceived value in shopping outside of Hutchinson!
    • With an online sale, does the cost of shipping and potential difficulty in getting good customer support outweigh the perceived savings?
    • Does it really make sense to take the time and spend the additional money driving to another community to buy something you could get locally?
  • When comparison shopping are you comparing apples to apples?
  • If you can save a significant amount of money outside of the community, have you considered talking to a local resource and asking them to match the price?
  • When calling on a service provider from another community, stop and think. “Can I hire a local company to do the work?”

Bottom line, there are going to be times that we need to shop outside of our community. There may be products we cannot find here, a need may arise when we are on a trip and we cannot use the services of a local provider. But there is a lot of room for improvement!
*Source for information is from the 3/50 project.

**Source for this information came from the 2007 Retail Trade Analysis Report created by the University of Minnesota Extension’s Center for Hutchinson.