History of Hutchinson

The Hutchinson Family flourished in the mid-nineteenth century. They were famous for singing in remarkably close harmony; and they were infamous for using their talent and fame to promote causes, such as antislavery, women’s suffrage, temperance, and the Lincoln presidential campaign. The singers were colorful, charismatic people. They witnessed and participated in many historic events.

The Hutchinson Family Singers-John, Asa, and Judson Hutchinson-are credited with founding the town in November 1855. The 3 brothers heard of Minnesota from a New England friend, W. W. Pendergast, who spoke highly of the BIG WOODS west of St. Anthony.

The Hutchinson brothers’ party of explorers chose a setting on the crest of a hill overlooking the beautiful Hassan River Valley. (The river, originally given the Indian name Hassan (Maple Leaf), is now called the Crow River.)

The group wrote 13 “Articles of Agreement” for the town. These included articles setting aside 5 acres for the Humanities Church, 15 acres for parks – making Hutchinson’s park system the 2nd oldest in the nation, 8 lots for educational purposes and stating that Hutchinson women would have equal rights with the town.

For more information on our rich heritage, please visit the Historic Hutchinson Facebook page or the McLeod County Historical Society website.

brothers statue close up