2019 April – Something from Mary

Oh My Gosh!

Do you consider yourself a lifelong learner? I do. I hope you do.

As I write this, we just had the 6th of 8 sessions of Leadership 2.0 with Steve Gasser and Giant WorldWide. How does my mind implode each and every class?

‘How do I not know these things,’ or ‘how do I not recognize these things,’ or ‘HOLY COW, I CAN’T WAIT UNTIL NEXT MONTH,’ are all thoughts going through my gray matter when I walk out the door.

This spring we have a couple personal and professional development programs which you can plug in and LEARN more about YOU and YOUR TEAM.

I hope you make the time for yourself and your team to attend one or both I am sharing with you today.

April 12- 100X Leader Summit by Giant WorldWide

  • Crow River Winery
  • Morning event 8am-12pm
  • $49, includes book and light breakfast
  • Video stream, with personal contact and follow-up between sessions to help you take what you’ve heard and make it into an action plan.
  • Host: Steve Gasser, Senior Consultant, Giant WorldWide

May 10- LeaderCast

  • Crow River Winery
  • 8am-4pm
  • $100, includes Lunch and Materials
  • Live Video Stream from Atlanta
  • Emcees; Dr. Joe Hill and Mollie Terlinden

Looking Ahead – September 2019- May 2020

Hutchinson Leadership Institute, 31st year

  • $600, includes almost everything, but not the kitchen sink
  • 10 all-day sessions

Leadership 2.0, 2nd year

  • $600, includes tool kit and materials, light breakfast
  • 8 half day sessions

Something from Mary!


When we publish this article, we will have just hosted the first Business Connection at Ashley HomeStore. As I write this almost 60 people have rsvp’d!

Humans need human connection. I looked up human connection facts and found hundreds of studies done to prove it. However, with the onset of the digital age, more people are becoming disconnected from human contact, which used to be suffered by the elderly, or outcasts.

We’ve seen the digital world change how we interact, but have you also seen what I have observed? People circling back to communicating face to face, picking up the phone to hear a voice, social gathering where phones are put away…. We are realizing what we crave and need is each other.

How to Connect through the Chamber:

  • Business Connection, First Friday of the month, 7-8am. You can also host a business connection, or partner with another business to host.
  • Business After Hours, the second Thursday of each month, Jan- May, Oct-Dec, 4-6pm. This has been scheduled out almost an entire year in advance. We can hook you up.
  • For the Under 40 crowd- PULSE social events scheduled quarterly, and Lunch and Learns are held the second Wednesday 12-1pm Squeakys. Check out their Facebook page. PULSE is Professionals, Under 40, Leading, Socializing, Educating.
  • Hutchinson Leadership Institute and Leadership 2.0 are not only great personal and professional development classes, but great ways to connect on a deeper level, building a network of trusted friends.
  • Events: Golf Tournament, Annual Event, Taste of Hutchinson, and the Arts and Crafts Festival/Taste of Hutchinson bring people from different industries and backgrounds together in a fun, and relaxed atmosphere. Nothing says connect like a tailgating party (2019 golf) or an 80’s prom hair-fest 2019 annual event.)
  • Committees: Agri-Business, thinkLOCAL, Golf, Made in McLeod, PULSE, are opportunities to meet with a common goal or industry.

If you would like more information on any of the above…. Please call us at 587-5252!

Community Connections:

Make a connection today, this week, this month.

“You have the time, if you want to make the time.” Enjoy connecting this month- Mary

*all organizations listed are members of the Hutchinson Chamber

Something from Mary!

What if there was no chamber in Hutchinson?

Sometimes people ask “what does the chamber actually do?”

Let’s think about Hutchinson without the Chamber and Tourism office.

  • Businesses would not have an entity to call their own (and they have since the early 1890’s)
  • Business scams would lay a wider net
  • There would be no business visits by the Ambassadors to welcome new businesses and congratulate expanding businesses
  • No Business After Hours to learn about business services & products
  • Arts and Crafts would be a thing of the past, which would also mean the end to Taste of Hutchinson, and Taste of the Holidays
  • No one to advocate to shop local, think local, play local, eat local, sleep local, spend local
  • No visitors’ guide would be published, and no guides would be mailed out to prospective visitors, nor to visitor centers around the state. Over 1000 guides are mailed each year from requests, and 49 statewide centers display our visitor guides.
  • No business-oriented advocacy for the city, no alerts to new bills or regulations which affect businesses
  • Leadership Institute would be gone. Almost 800 people have gone through the program in 30 years.
  • Many businesses and organizations would have to pay for a meeting location, or jam into cramped quarters for meetings and interview
  • Another avenue of marketing services, products, jobs, and events would be gone
  • Dairy Day and Farm Fatigue would cease to exist
  • Young Professionals would be out of luck, and no group to call their own, like PULSE
  • Resource calls would go unanswered (we are the phone book and google combined)
  • The electronic marquee at Hwys 7 & 15 would go dark
  • The community calendar where people visit over a hundred times a day would be lost
  • Our famous table tents would no longer be printed
  • No advertisements or billboards recruiting people to come to Hutchinson
  • No more #muchinhutch on trucks or campers, products or anywhere

YOU matter to us. Our work is about YOU.

Thank YOU for being part of the Hutchinson Area Chamber of Commerce & Tourism organization.

Something from Mary!

Most of use have benefits through our employers.

We try to utilize those employee benefits to make our life better, healthier, balanced and maybe just a little easier. It’s what we do; use those benefits for maximum advantage for ourselves.

Your Chamber Membership comes with benefits also.

Benefits to make your business better, healthier, balanced and maybe just a little easier. See what I did there?

Whether you look at your chamber membership as a buffet, or business muscle builders: we are here to help your business.

Maybe you’re seeing emails from Ashley about your membership benefits, but discard them because you are too busy to look at them right now.

Maybe you see messages about events or programs, and think you’ll go back to those later.

Maybe it’s time you take the time to look at what you are utilizing and what’s being left on the table but could help you market/build/enhance your business.

Form your online portal to your web page on our website which gets many searches daily, to networking programs to get out and “press the flesh,” to educational opportunities to build skills, networks and confidence… the chamber has a lot to offer.

We’re your connection to the source, the answer, the obscure, the odd, and many times, just the right person to help you do what needs to be done.

So as you review your business benefits, let’s review your chamber membership benefits and find the best options to help you be bigger, stronger, faster!

You know what to do; call or email us! 320-587-5252 or email any of us:


Happy New Year from our staff and Board of Directors!

Something from Mary!

As I write this I’m still basking in the fun and excitement of this past week’s Small Business Saturday. (Okay, part of my excitement is that MN beat WI twice this weekend in football.)

Our staff and ThinkLOCAL committee put much time and effort into planning ideas to bring people to, and keep people in, our community for this day. Staff and volunteers spent hours purchasing and collecting gift cards throughout the community for the first SBS ping pong ball drop of prizes and for handing out later in stores.



Let’s ThinkLOCAL more frequently; not just on Small Business Saturday.

Let’s ThinkLOCAL even when there isn’t a ball drop or elves out paying bills.

Even when you are online, there are local options to choose.

  • Amazon offers their Amazon Smile donations… pick a local charity!
  • Most online purchases with store pick-up options keep the purchase local to that store!

Did you know you will never run into friends and old acquaintances while shopping online?

Did you know you can’t touch or feel the fabric or texture of something online?

Do you realize if you don’t understand how to use it, or it comes broken or late there is not a real person to talk to without saying or hitting seven 3,785 times first?

How many times have you received a personal reminder online about that email you may have gotten with more savings and how you can use that coupon with another deal?

NOW…. let’s be real…. I know you shop online, sometimes I have to as well. Let’s just pledge to ThinkLOCAL before we just hop online, and let’s spend more in Hutchinson this year.

ThinkLOCAL… because every dollar spent locally pays for someone’s wages, which pays for food, heat, and clothing. Each dollar can be regenerated again and again.

ThinkLOCAL… because we are the reflection of our choices.

ThinkLOCAL… because you’re cool like that!

Something from Mary!

What’s the big deal?

I can’t keep calm. SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY is coming!

It’s November, the leaves are changing, the air is crisp and we are warming up the red scarves to give away… MONEY!

Wait. What?

Yes, the Chamber is giving away money again.

Here’s how people have a chance at winning money:

  • Shop in Hutchinson on November 24th
  • Attend the ping pong ball drop at 10:00 AM on the north side of Library Square

Super easy right?! YES!

Want in on the fun as a business?

Provide the chamber with gift cards, gift certificates, tokens, or items to give away during the ball drop. It’s a great way to drive traffic into your business.

Follow this link to get the download for the ping pong ball drop information.

The balls will be dropped from a large truck and bucket along Washington Avenue. We’ll have separate ball drops for adults AND kids.

Chamber Board Members will be out paying for people’s bills as well… Why? Because the incentive to bring business to you is VERY important to the board and staff.

The chamber has Small Business Saturday materials for you if you haven’t signed up through ShopSmall.

Give us a jingle and we’ll help you make the most of your Small Business Saturday!

Something from Mary!

I’m constantly amazed at what people will or will not complain about.

Some are content with whatever is put in front of them, others… well they complain about not having something to complain about.

This is an installment of #lovewhereyoulive. This past month, we hosted the 44th Annual Arts & Crafts Festival, and yes Randy Starke, it was once Arts in the Park. We bring in 10,000-12,000 people every year for this event. How do we know you may ask… well we counted this year, at every corner all times of the day…. and well, we’ve been right… I love it when we are right! J

Arts & Crafts is a fundraiser for the Chamber, AND, a tourism event. We use money from both sides of our budget for the festival. Businesses in town are busier, gas stations are hopping, and hotels are filled.

Businesses downtown lose parking, many close during load-in and the festival itself, some may lose money, some may make more. But it is decidedly BUSIER and traffic is congested. LOTS to complain about… right? No!

Our businesses are so understanding of the importance of this event to our entire community. Many tell us they look forward to the people watching, or they utilize the opportunity to do some training, or give their hard working employees a day off, or even have the celebrated day in a closed office- you know what I mean- no one comes in or calls, and you can actually get work done. We have VERY LITTLE grumbling, complaining, or rudeness from businesses. The bigger picture in Hutchinson is the sense of community: the opportunity to show off our community with pride.

So this isn’t about complaining, this is about a bright and happy community willing to push and pull when needed, ebb and flow, and ying and yang for the betterment of Hutchinson.

Thank you to SOOO many of you who make it possible to host such an event as the Arts and Crafts Festival! I #LoveWhereILive


Something from Mary!

TigerPath Academies business logo

Yes, you’ve heard it before. The Hype, the Excitement, the Four Pathways, Mary jumping up and down, Miles getting awards, the new school building supporting it….

But NOW…. there’s a TigerPath COORDINATOR… Andrea Moore!

Andrea is no stranger to the Chamber; she serves on our Hutchinson Leadership Institute Design Team and also played a huge part in getting our Youth Leadership Institute program up and running…. Huge=she did it all. She’s also been a teacher for 12 years, has her MBA, and gol dang it she farms with her husband as well. If you do not know Andrea yet, you need to- andrea.moore@isd423.org.

Have you seen the new TigerPath website? www.tigerpath.com read more and click on the internship button- there are a lot of ways to particiapte once you get there.

You can sign up to be part of this innovative program which among other things connects students to internships to take a deeper dive into work experience, an industry and/or a specific business.

But what else is there? Mentoring a student who may need/want one-on-one conversations about very specific careers, or perhaps very broad careers. Speaking with a doctor or a chamber president result in two very different experiences.  Perhaps you can present to classes about what you do, what your business does, what they can expect when they see your business…. Or how is their daily learning applicable to your industry.

I did not care for math in school… sorry… it wasn’t and still isn’t how my brain works… but it would have been helpful for me to hear from professionals how they use percentages to figure out tips at a restaurant, or how a math lover can be an actuary for an insurance company, or an insurance agent, or an interior designer, or a draft person, or a welder, or or or…. so many options, so many careers needing math skills.

ALSO, be watching for the PATHFair, coming this fall. Not a job fair as much as a way to help students determine if they fit into one or more TigerPaths. This will be so helpful to our students… and to you. We want our students to stay in Hutchinson, or go to school and come back to Hutchinson to fill the positions here, rather than somewhere else. Your participation in the PATHFair can help students learn what you do or make, and understand what types of careers are available. Building relationships with students now can help you supply the workers you need later.

So, let’s review, Andrea.Moore@isd423.org is a great resource for you to connect at the school…. Your time, your business, donations to TigerPath programs, the whole deal. Check out the website www.tigerpath.com.

Make a difference for tomorrow, today.

What’s Happening in August 2018!

2018 Hometown Golf Challenge – Thank you!

We would like to thank everyone that joined us for the 2018 Hometown Golf Challenge “Around the World in 18 Holes” on July 23 at the Crow River Golf Club. The event would not be possible without our mighty volunteers and the businesses that donated to and sponsored this event. THANK YOU all for your time, talents, donations and support!!

MILLE GRAZIEO to our Visionary Sponsor – Citizens Bank & Trust Co and also to our Champion Sponsors – 3M, Hutchinson Health, MidCountry Bank, MITGI, TDK/Hutchinson Technology and Uponor. 

DANKE, DANKE also goes out to our Welcome Sponsors – MITGI, SouthPoint Financial Credit Union and TDK/Hutchinson Technology.

JE VOUS REMERCIE to our Staffed Hole Sponsors – APR, Ashley Homestore, Citizens Bank & Trust Co, Buffalo Wild WIngs, Hutchinson Health, Marco, Oakdale Golf Club, TDK/Hutchinson Technology, Uponor, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage and Woodstone Senior Living.

TACK, TACK, TACK are in order for our Hole Sponsors – 3M, Branded Solutions, Cash Wise Foods, Caspers Chiropractic, CenBank, Century 9 Theatre, Crow River Winery, Edina Realty, Fairway Mortgage Company, First Minnesota Bank, Goebel Fixture Company, Hutchinson Dental, Hutchinson Leader, Hutchinson Manufacturiing, LBC of Hutchinson, Novation Credit Union, Nuvera, Piehl Hanson Beckman, Plumbing and Heating by Craig, Rahk Studios, SouthPoint Financial Credit Union, Stamp N Storage, State Farm – Steve Kropp, State Farm – Mike McGraw, Valley Sales of Hutchinson and Walmart SuperCenter.

And last but certainly not least, GRACIAS to our Hole-In-One Sponsors:  Citizens Bank & Trust Co and Valley Sales of Hutchinson.

Buh Bye until next year!

2018 Crazy Days & Manufacturing in the Park – Thank you!

Thank you to businesses that participated in Crazy Days and Manufacturing in the Park! What a great way to see how our manufacturers, educators and related organizations work, who they are and who they are looking for! Also, a special thanks to those who attended. These events would not be a success without you!

Check out our Facebook page to view event photos.

Hutchinson Leadership Institute & Leadership 2.0 Enrollment for 2018-2018 is Now Open!

Business logo for Hutchinson Leadership InstituteWe are happy to announce the Hutchinson Leadership Institute is back for its 30th year! The Hutchinson Leadership Institute is hosted by the Hutchinson Chamber. This comprehensive program is designed to build community leaders. Over the period of nine months, participants will experience 10 days of training and classes. Each participant will be assigned to a group service project, which will assess community needs, determine a project, and facilitate the project working with other community members and/or groups.

Once you have completed the Leadership program, you can participate in Leadership 2.0! This brand new program will take a deeper dive into personal leadership and how it can impact the future of your business and the entire community. 

Click link for the Hutchinson Leadership Institute application (pdf) or Click here for the Hutchinson Leadership 2.0 application (pdf).

If you have questions about the Hutchinson Leadership program, please click here to email Mary at the Chamber office or click here to call Mary at the Chamber office at 320-234-0785.

Farm Fatigue – Bucket of Thanks Event 2018

Business logo for Farm Fatigue Bucket of Thanks Event

Each harvest season, our Agri Business committee works hard to deliver buckets of goodies to our farmers in the fields in McLeod County. If your business is interested in supplying goodies or money for this program, please complete and return the 2018 Farm Fatigue Flyer (pdf). 


44th Annual Arts & Crafts Festival & Taste of Hutchinson

Make sure to put September 14th & 15th on your calendar!

44th Annual Hutchinson Arts & Crafts Festival & Taste of Hutchinson September 14 & 15, 2018

Business of the Month

In August we will be highlighting Nuvera as our Business of the Month.Business logo for Nuvera

Click here to learn more about Nuvera.


New & Returning Chamber Members

We want to welcome our new members:

Thank you to our August renewing members!

  • Ag Systems, Inc.
  • Amazing Grace Boutique
  • Ashley Furniture
  • Basswoods Welding & Repair
  • Canvasworks
  • Casey’s General Store
  • Clay Coyote Gallery & Pottery
  • Crow River Floral & Gifts
  • Evergreen Apartments
  • New Century Academy
  • Outdoor Motion Bike Shop
  • Papa Murphy’s Take-n-Bake Pizza

Business logo for the Hutchinson AmbassadorsThe Hutchinson Ambassadors serve as the welcoming and social arm of the Hutchinson Chamber by actively supporting and promoting Hutchinson and its surrounding business community.

Click here to check out the Ambassador’s Facebook to see photos of all the visits and other special events hosted by the Ambassadors.

July’s Ambassadors Visits:

  • Kruse Altitude, LLC
  • LandSkapings
  • Schrade Firearms Knives and Tactical Survival, Helping Hands Healing Spa Trinities Trinkets & Designs JD’s Fidgets & Fun

Business After Hours:

  • Business After Hours is not held in August or September.
  • Business After Hours resumes on October 11th with Tigers After Hours. The TigerPath teachers will be on hand to explain how they will helps students discover their talents, develop their skills and build an exciting, rewarding career! “Find your own path” – that’s what it’s all about!

Business After Hours is a great way to learn about businesses in Hutchinson and network with fellow chamber members. This monthly event is Chamber invitation only and a way to get behind-the-scenes at our local businesses. Businesses interested in hosting a Business After Hours event, should contact the Ambassadors.

Click here to email the Ambassadors

Something from Mary

Chamber President Mary Hodson 2017


It’s a challenge to hire good people with the skill sets you need and want.

It’s a challenge because we have fewer people in the pipeline than we have leaving the workforce.

It’s going to continue to be a challenge, for a long time.

Click here to read the rest of Mary’s article

Quarter 4 Table Tent Deadline is September 1

2018 Quarter 3 Table Tents Calendar of EventsThe Chamber prints and delivers 900 table tents around the community. Are you looking for a way to boost an upcoming Hutchinson event?  Make sure you get your event added to the Table Tents!  The cost is $20/listing for Chamber members and $30/listing for non-members.

Also, if you submit an event to our table tents, make sure to add it to the online community calendar.  The community calendar averages about 100 views a day, so don’t forget to utilize it! Submitting an event to the community calendar may be done through your chamber member portal or the chamber website. Click here to access the Chamber’s Community Calendar!

The deadline for Quarter 4 (October, November & December) is September 1.

Click here to email Gina with questions, if you want table tents delivered to your business or if you want to submit an event for upcoming table tents.

Upcoming Save the Dates

September 14 – 15 – Arts & Crafts Festival & Taste of Hutchinson
November 15 – Taste of the Holidays
November 24 – Small Business Saturday

More information!

2018 Quarter 3 Table Tents Calendar of Events

44th Annual Hutchinson Arts & Crafts Festival & Taste of Hutchinson September 14 & 15, 2018

Business logo for Farm Fatigue Bucket of Thanks Event

Southwest Eye Care poster promoting Dr Jabin Krassin MD


Business logo for the Explore Hutchinson website & Much in Hutch

Something from Mary!


It’s a challenge to hire good people with the skill sets you need and want.

It’s a challenge because we have fewer people in the pipeline than we have leaving the workforce.

It’s going to continue to be a challenge, for a long time.

Instead of ranting or raving about what you can do…. I am sending you directly over to our Pinterest Board Building Your Business. Here you will find a VARIETY of info graphics about retention, employee engagement and recognition.

RETENTION is the new black. Wear it well.