About the Chamber

Welcome to Hutchinson Area Chamber of Commerce and Tourism!

During the late 1800’s a group of Hutchinson business men formed an organization interested in promoting the business affairs of a growing community and named it the Hutchinson Commercial Club. The grouped focused on bettering the physical and commercial aspect of the merchants. In 1911, the Union Club replaced the Hutchinson Commercial Club. Years later, the name was changed to the Hutchinson Civic and Commerce Association, then in 1948 the Hutchinson Area Chamber of Commerce was incorporated.

The club focused on promoting activities for the general welfare of the city including campaigning for additional industries. The club always had the welfare of Hutchinson at heart. Many people have contributed to its success over its many years of existence and its numerous activities portrayed an earnest desire by its members to make Hutchinson a quality community for all residents. Chambers of Commerce have been in existence for centuries. They represent the business community at work, doing jobs that no individual can do alone, providing many services that benefit all citizens.

Currently, the Hutchinson Area Chamber of Commerce and Tourism’s focus is making Hutchinson a better place to live, work and do business. The Hutchinson Area Chamber & Tourism is a non-profit organization that obtains financial support through memberships, program sponsorships, and fundraising. Many have the misconception that the Chamber is an office of the city. The City of Hutchinson and the Chamber of Commerce have a great working relationship, but the Chamber & Tourism office does not receive funding from the city.

Some of the functions of the Chamber & Tourism office are: a resource center for the community and visitors, support and promote the entire community through a variety of programs and promotions, and support local business through networking and referrals. Our function changes daily to benefit the community.

Our Vision

Leading Advocate and Resource for Chamber Members and the Hutchinson Community.

Our Mission

Engage, Support and Promote Hutchinson Area Businesses and the Community.