Hutchinson Leadership Institute

Leadership LogoHutchinson Leadership Institute is a staple of the business community and the Chamber is proud to be the host! Leadership Institute runs from September to May, giving students the opportunity to see Hutchinson from the inside out, as well as provide in depth leadership training on topics such as ethics, communication, project management, personal assessments, civic leadership and leading in a diverse cultural and generational world.

Program Highlights The Leadership Institute sessions are designed to engage  participants in discussions on leadership that foster a deeper understanding of  themselves, their community and the opportunities that are available for them  to translate their knowledge into action.

Personal Leadership: Participants will gain an understanding of the role personality, assertiveness, and self esteem can play in interpersonal relationships and leadership interactions.

Team Leadership
: Participants learn about team development, dynamics, and working together towards a goal through an interactive workshop and exciting team challenge course.

Civic Leadership
: Participants will learn about Hutchinson’s dynamic history as well as look at volunteerism and the wide non-profit spectrum that influences the community.

360 Degree View of Hutchinson
: Participants will explore many perspectives on issues affecting the Hutchinson community before examining what should be preserved, what change is inevitable, and what needs to be created.

Leading for Outcomes:
Tying in personality, team dynamics and community perspectives, small groups will be introduced to their community leadership projects. They will learn how to set a vision and goals for their projects and how to take the first steps to action.

Past students and business sponsors have said:
“The best investment we can choose for our employees is the investment into the community. The Leadership Program provides the vehicle for our employees to not only learn about, but experience Hutchinson.”

Communication in Leadership: Participants will learn and practice key concepts and necessary leadership skills that will help them achieve goals and build consensus.

Leadership in a Diverse World: Participants gain the understanding and skills to navigate a variety of differences as well as learn how to successfully manage change and conflict.

Political Leadership:
Attendance at House and Senate sessions as  well as personal discussions with Hutchinson  representatives.

Ethics in Leadership:
Identifying and understanding personal ethics and how they affect the balance in your personal life along with your leadership obligation.

Group Presentations and Closing Banquet
: Small groups will present their community leadership projects to sponsors and alumni.

Please visit our Hutchinson Leadership Institute and Leadership 2.0 page for more details.