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Something from Mary

Myth Busters: No matter what organization you are, there are always assumptions made about your business. The Chamber is no different, so I thought it might be helpful to dispel the common myths we hear regularly.

Myth: The City signs our paychecks. We are part of the City. We are one in the same with the City.

Busted: The Chamber is a Separate entity from the City. Aside from collecting Lodging Tax dollars which are used to promote Hutchinson and bring people here, we have no legal connection to the City. Now, that being said, we have a great working relationship with everyone at the city. Hutchinson is very fortunate to have such open leaders, organizations and businesses to get the work done! Don’t feel bad, this is a very common misconception. So all those bank and school holidays…we don’t get (ALL) of them off.

Myth: the Chamber Staff only works from 10am-4pm

Busted: the office is open for calls and walk-ins during these hours, however the staff works 40+ hours a week. We changed the hours when the Dept of Labor was changing overtime rules. We have kept the adjustment as we continue to use the hours we’re closed to work on catching up on phone calls, paper work, etc. it also allows staff some flexibility when we are coming in for early meetings and staying late for events.

Myth: The Chamber organizes all the big events in town.

Busted: We do not. You may see us at many events; you may see our logo attached to many events, but Water Carnival, RiverSong, MN Garlic Festival, Orange Spectacular, MN Pottery Festival, are run by their own set of VOLUNTEERS. Yes, these are volunteer run organizations and they DO A FABULOUS job! So no, the Chamber’s Father’s Day Parade is not a real thing.

We currently host the Annual Arts & Crafts Festival, Bring It Home Family Fun and Business Expo, the Hometown Golf Challenge, and through this summer the Music in the Park Summer Concert Series.

Myth: The Hutchinson Community Foundation is part of the Chamber.

Busted: Nope, this isn’t true either. Fact: the Community Foundation meets at the Chamber, we provide administrative services for them, and they do reimburse us for these services. Now, we love when they are here, and we love October when they invite all their grant winners to come for show and tell, photos and checks are handed out!

Myth: We work with all the Community Organizations

Truth! We do work with MANY Community Organizations, some very closely. For any event happening in town, the general public comes to the Chamber for information and we work to have as much information as possible on the community calendar, which is seen by over 100 people a day, and during the busy summer weekends- even more!

Myth: the Chamber isn’t “political.”

Well…. Sort of. The Chamber Board of Directors has an issue endorsement policy in place, which stipulates we will not endorse any issue that benefits one business or industry over another. We DO support issues that benefit ALL LOCAL businesses. In the past we’ve supported work to protect businesses from drive-by ADA compliance lawsuits, update state business taxes which currently have automatic infiltrators, and represent 30% of most owners taxes. And most recently, we worked with legislators to stop the Dept. of Labor’s ruling on overtime.

MITGI Receives Manufacturer of the Year Award from Manufacturers Alliance

HUTCHINSON, MN – February 15, 2017

Midwest Industrial Tool Grinding, Inc. (MITGI) has been named Manufacturer of the Year (small company category) by the Manufacturers Alliance, a Minnesota association that promotes education and peer-to-peer mentoring in the Minnesota manufacturing industry.  MITGI was selected for efforts to help promote manufacturing through articles, work with schools, business partnerships, tours, presentations, and industry outreach.

“As a company, MITGI believes that it is part of our responsibility to help promote manufacturing, economic growth, innovation, and skilled workforce development,” explains Eric Lipke, MITGI President.  “We’re fortunate to be part of a thriving manufacturing community that includes engaged and involved business leaders, educators, legislators, and industry associations.”

In partnership with area schools and businesses in the region, MITGI has joined together to raise the visibility of manufacturing.  These efforts help to build the foundation for a thriving community and well-prepared workforce.  Over the past year MITGI has:

  • Provided tours to showcase different types of facilities, work environments, and career opportunities.
  • Participated in advisory boards to ensure that opportunities in education and business exist for students when they are ready to work.  Local education partners include Dassel-Cokato High School, Hutchinson High School, Glencoe-Silver Lake High School, Ridgewater College, and SCTCC.
  • Hosted meetings and tours with legislative leaders and staff, including Senators Klobuchar and Franken.
  • Participated in manufacturing-related education seminars through organizations such as Manufacturers Alliance, IMTS, Made in McLeod, Crow River HR Group, Minnesota DEED, Hutchinson Chamber, and Ridgewater College.
  • Promoted activities and events to draw local, regional, statewide, and national exposure to the successes of these unprecedented local partnerships.


“We are very proud of the work that our employees do to help promote a strong manufacturing environment in Minnesota and in our community,” describes Jennie Nelson, MITGI Director of Sales and Marketing.  “When we host tours and events, our employees provide personal perspective, explaining what it is like to work in manufacturing.  The words and actions of our employees help individuals to connect their interests and talents to potential careers.  It is important work, as the foundation we lay today will help ensure the long-term viability of our industry and community.”

MITGI will be recognized at an awards presentation on April 13, 2017 in Golden Valley, MN.  The event will be attended by nearly 400 manufacturing leaders from throughout the state.

Located in Hutchinson, MN, MITGI manufactures and markets standard and custom cutting tools. Combining innovation with quality and repeatability, MITGI tools have become the product of choice in many R&D departments and manufacturing facilities that serve medical device manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, and rapid prototyping industries. MITGI is the recipient of the Image Award (2014 & 2015, Minnesota Business Manufacturing Award), Paragon of Leadership Award (Sheila Murphy, 2016, Minnesota Business Community Impact Awards), 100 Best Companies to Work for Award (2015, Minnesota Business), and the Top 150 Workplaces Award (2015 & 2016, Star Tribune).

2017 Music in the Park

Join us for 2017 Music in the Park Concert Series! Please bring your own chairs, and blankets to use while you enjoy the FREE Concert. Mark your calendars now!