2017 Music in the Park Applications

We are excited to begin our planning for the 2017 Music in the Park Summer Concert Series.  Applications are now being accepted for Bands, Social Hosts, and Sponsors!  The concerts will be on Monday evenings starting at
6:30 – 8/8:30pm.  The Hutchinson Chamber plans the concerts for June 12 – August 7th

Applications are due Friday, March 3rd. Please fill out application and return to the Chamber Office, 2 Main Street South.

More information will be found on the applications, but if you have questions please email Casey or call our office at 320-587-5252.

**We are excited to be partnering with Historic Hutchinson and RiverSong in 2017, as we transition ownership of Music in the Park to these two organizations. Watch for more details later this year.

music in the park june 30