2019 June – Something from Mary!

2019 Hutchinson Leadership Institute ClassWe asked the 30th class of the Hutchinson Leadership Institute what they would tell a future applicant about their experience or what to expect regarding the Hutchinson Leadership Institute.

Here are their answers:

• Do it! Well Worth it: I am amazed how much I am taking away.
• Throw any expectations out the window. The experience is so much more than training.
• Do It! It was an amazing experience where you learn about yourself and about others.
• Perfect way to learn about one’s self and the community, Just do the Class!
• A superb group of people, content and topics. Come in with an open mind and a happy heart and learn more about YOUR town, yourself, and how you can help and use both to help those around you.
• Lots of good lessons.
• Trust the process. Throw yourself into it. No holds barred, just do it. Trust. The. Process.
• Just do it, you will get more out of it than you give.
• Definitely worth it. You have a chance once a month to step back and be purposeful vs always getting caught up in daily chaos.
• Expect to reflect on yourself and who you are. If you dive in and are open to the experience, you will take away significant learning.
• It’s a really good way to learn about Hutchinson, gain friends and understand the community.
• Be open minded and be willing to let your guard down.
• You’ll learn skills that are useful for working with others.
• I would recommend to any one in the community. Learn more about what makes this city, Hutchinson, a community to have passion for.
• You will never regret the decision. You will learn so much about yourself, the community and others!
• Just do it! Expect to get and give a ton.
• Do it! It’s fun, great content, great networking, valuable professional development.
• Soak it all in and let yourself be vulnerable. Learn from those around you and make new friends while continuing to learn.
• It will be amazing, do not hesitate!
• This is a great idea, and you will learn a lot!
• This will help with communication and dives into how you see yourself. It helps you gain and better understanding and appreciation for the community.
• Expect to grow amazing relationships, and grow in ways you couldn’t imagine.

Applications for Leadership Institute and Leadership 2.0 are now available on our Hutchinson Leadership Institute and Leadership 2.0 page.