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What’s Happening in May

Hutchinson Leadership Institute

Congratulations to the 2014-2015 Hutchinson Leadership Institute Graduates!

Leadership Institute Names

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Participants, Sponsors, Alumni and Guests are invited to join us on May 20, 2015 to celebrate the graduation and community service project of the 2014-2015 Hutchinson Leadership Institute Class.  Students in the Hutchinson Leadership Institute have the rare opportunity to turn knowledge into action by creating community projects as part of the program.

Hutchinson Leadership Institute Banquet
May 20, 2015 – 5:30pm
Current Participants & Sponsors – No Fee
Alumni & Guests – $20 per person

If you would like to attend the Graduation & Banquet, or would like more information about registering for the 2015-2016 class, please contact the Chamber office at 320-587-5252 or email Mary.

Thank you to our Scholarship Sponsor, Hutchinson Ambassadors!

Hometown Golf Challenge

You do not want to miss out on all the fun we have at the golf course!  This year we will have you seeing dots, because our theme is “Divots & Dots!” The sponsorship deadline is May 8, 2015.  If you have questions about sponsorship opportunities please call the Chamber office at 320-587-5252 or email Melissa.  The sponsor form is posted below.  Player registration will begin June 1, 2015.


 Something from Mary

chamber (8 of 35)Internet Protection Action Items

Remember back when “they” said computers and the use of the internet would shorten the eight hour work day? I think we all realize it has done the opposite, and it clearly doesn’t simplify our lives: especially when you are the recipient of a screen message and an ugly image of a face making fun of you for catching a virus. No sneezing here… nope- just a moment of panic as you scramble to call your IT department… oh wait, you’re probably a small business without an IT department… Now what?!  Click here to read more.

May Business of the Month

Woodstone Senior Living is our May Business of the Month!woodstone-final large

Learn more about Woodstone Senior Living here.



 Thank you!

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Business After Hours

BWW_Horizontal_FullColor_White_TagThe May Business After Hours will be held on
Thursday, May 14 from 4pm- 6pm at Buffalo Wild Wings.
Watch your email for the e-invitation and registration.


 New and Returning Chamber Members

We would like to welcome our new member to the Hutchinson Chamber Commerce!

Common Cup Ministry – 105 2nd Ave SW Suite #2 – (320)587-2213

We also want to thank our renewing members!

Caspers Chiropractic Center
Connect Hearing Inc
Crow River Signs
Days Inn & Suites
Foundation for Challenge Children
Fun Sports of Hutchinson
Hutchinson Financial
McLeod Emergency Food Shelf
Moxie Media MN
Shoe Sensation
Skyview Dairy
VFW Post 906
Woodstong Senior Living

Save these Dates!
Dairy Day


Logo save the date

Save the Date

Table Tent Deadline

The deadline for submitting events for the 3rd quarter table tents (July, August, September) is June 1st.  If you have an event you would like to add to the table tents please email Melissa or call our office at 320-587-5252.  The cost  is $20/event listing for Chamber Members and $30/event listing for non-members.

Exciting things are happening at the Chamber!

We are pleased to announce Matt Beilke will be joining the Hutchinson Chamber of Commerce as our Membership Coordinator. A Hutchinson native, Matt will assume his duties on May 11th, bringing a strong sense of community and commitment to our local businesses. Melissa Goldstein has also accepted the new position of Communication Coordinator within the Chamber. Melissa’s attentiveness to our members, guests and details, along with her enthusiasm for Hutchinson have been great assets in her three years at the Chamber. Congratulations to both Matt and Melissa!

More Information for Your Business to Grow

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Internet Protection Action Items

chamber (8 of 35)Remember back when “they” said computers and the use of the internet would shorten the eight hour work day? I think we all realize it has done the opposite, and it clearly doesn’t simplify our lives: especially when you are the recipient of a screen message and an ugly image of a face making fun of you for catching a virus. No sneezing here… nope- just a moment of panic as you scramble to call your IT department… oh wait, you’re probably a small business without an IT department… Now what?!

I reached out to three Chamber Member businesses for their help and suggestions for you. Thank you to BusinessWare Solutions, Tech Bros., and Vivid Image. They have been gracious to offer some great advice to protect and prepare your business from cyber and malware attacks.

  1. Updates! “You see them and you ignore them, stop that!” says Simon Leung from Tech Bros. Schedule a time when you can run the updates, we tell our clients usually near the end of the day. You’ll see the update notifications near the bottom right corner of your screen near the clock, Microsoft Updates, Adobe, Java, etc. Most of the time the updates will self-install and you’ll just get a notice that states updates have been recently installed.
  2. Backups! Sometimes things happen. Sometimes someone clicks on something they shouldn’t right after they were warned.  Sometimes other things happen, too (fire, theft, tornado, software corruption, deleted files, etc.).  Backups aren’t just a good idea, they are critical.  You should have at least one local backup (with as much history as you think is necessary and/or affordable) and one offsite backup.  The offsite backup can be cloud based or it can be as simple as a USB thumb drive that gets taken home or to a local bank.

“Organizations often don’t think about backups when they are thinking about security, but if everything else fails, your backup is the last line of defense.  Offsite backups are so easy and affordable now – everyone should be doing them!” Don DeMeyer, BusinessWare Solutions Service Manager

  1. Security! Antivirus may not protect you against everything, but it is a good start.  Make sure that you are staying current with your antivirus, Windows operating system, Office, java, Acrobat, and other application updates.  Make sure that you have a current commercial grade firewall (not just a simple router) with current updates as well, some offer added features for additional cost.
  2. Passwords! Passwords by themselves aren’t enough, but a good password is a good start. Some of the most common (and really bad) passwords include:  123456, password, password 1, letmein, admin, and admin1.  A good password contains at least eight characters.  Mix in song lyric abbreviations, passwords that rhyme, sports team acronyms, and/or airport codes with numbers and symbols to make a secure, yet memorable, password. Keep passwords to yourself.
  3. Education! End user education is the most overlooked form of protection. If you click on a link or open an attachment, your password, your anti-virus software, and your firewall may not be able to protect you (make sure that your email application doesn’t automatically download attachments).
  • Watch out for invoices and shipping confirmation attachments that you aren’t expecting.
  • Whether the link is on an official looking website or in an email that looks like it came from the right people, always make sure you trust the source of any link you click on.
  • When in doubt, do a Google search for the company in question and go through their website to find what you’re looking for, rather than following a link.
  • If you download a copy of popular free software like Skype or Dropbox for example, make sure you’re getting it from the software creator’s official Software downloaded from 3rd party sites can often be bundled with lots of additional spyware/malware.
  • Be careful with ‘free downloads’ or anything else that looks too good to be true for the low price of a click. Also, it’s as easy to put someone else’s return address on an email as it is on an envelope.
  • Toolbars seem like a great idea at first. Who doesn’t want to save money or speed up their Internet? These features often come at a price though. Toolbars often monitor and report on all your web browsing habits and could even compromise your security by tracking the keys you type thus revealing usernames and passwords for any website you may visit.
  1. It already happened? Justin McGuire of Vivid Image says “The damage is done. Time to hit the reset button. Sometimes even the best defense in the world falls a little short.”
    What do you do once you are compromised?
  • The first step is to alert your financial institutions, such as banks and credit card companies that you believe your username/passwords may have been compromised. Do this in person or over the phone. This will put them on alert to watch out for suspicious activity on your accounts.
  • Next, change your passwords and get your computer/phone/mobile device system(s) clean. If you think you can do it yourself go for it, but in most cases we recommend contacting a professional service.
  • Was data lost or damaged? Restore it from your backup…you are doing backups right? See Number 2.

These businesses have provided some great action items for you to use today, tomorrow, or next week, but do it soon. You have a wealth of information on your systems, protect it!

Thank you again to BusinessWare Solutions, Tech Bros., and Vivid Image staff for providing great information!


What’s Happening in April

Bring It Home Family Fun & Business Expo

Newsletter Info

 Dairy Day

Save the Date: Dairy Day will be Friday, June 5, 2015 in Library Square Park!  If you are interested in sponsoring this event please email Mary or call our office at 320-587-5252.

Dairy Day








New & Returning Members

We would like to welcome our new members to the Hutchinson Chamber of Commerce!

Drop-N-Go, Inc. – 101 Main St S, Suite 101 – (320-587-7500
Phoenix Drumline/Crow River Drumline Association – PO Box 295 – (320)455-2552
Rainy Water Conditioning Inc. – 16345 Hwy 7 East – (320)587-3530

We also want to thank our renewing members!

renewing members list

April Business of the Month:logo-stacked-tagline-web

Parkview Dental is our April Business of the Month!

Learn more about Parkview Dental here.



Something from Mary

chamber (8 of 35)

What is Tourism?

Why are we named the Hutchinson Area Chamber of Commerce & Tourism?

Read Mary’s article



41st Annual Arts & Crafts Festival and Taste of Hutchinson

We are  accepting vendors for the Arts & Crafts Festival and the Taste of Hutchinson is now accepting food vendors.  Information and applications for both are available on our website.  If you know someone who may be interested please pass this information along to them.
Arts & Crafts Festival Information & Application
Taste of Hutchinson Information & Application

 Golf Challenge Sponsorship

Have you started planning your attire for the Golf Challenge? The theme this year is, “Divots & Dots.”  We are excited to see what everyone comes up with.  Remember, there is a prize for the best dressed team!  We are accepting sponsors for this event.  The form is posted below in the “extras” section, or  email Melissa  for the information.

 Business After Hours

logo-stacked-tagline-webThe April Business After Hours will be held on Thursday, April 9 from 4pm – 6pm at Parkview Dental.  Watch your email for the
e-invitation and registration.





Ambassador New Business Visits

Compass OccassionsCompass Occasions  – Hutchinson – (715)338-5862
Compass Occasions is an independent event coordinating company.  They can plan any type of event, at any size.  Not only will they help plan you event they will design invitations, help locate catering options, bands, photographers, and more!

Pictured: Co-owners, Valerie Mackenthun and Kayla Alexander and the Hutchinson Ambassadors

Interiors by DanielleInteriors by Danielle – Hutchinson – (952)200-2295
Interiors by Danielle is run by Danielle, a certified home stager and redesign expert.  She provides free consultations and will help you design a special space that you will enjoy, and be proud of.

Pictured: Owner, Danielle Betker  with Linda Winn, Jon Betker, and the Hutchinson Ambassadors

RedlineRedline Systems Inc. – 25 Michigan St SE – (320)234-8331
Redline Systems specializes in manufacturing high quality, cost-effective parts and attachments for  heavy equipment.

Pictured: Co-Owner, Matt Cheney, Mitch Melberg, and the Hutchinson Ambassadors.  Not pictured Co-Owner, Tony Ashwill.

Woody’s Graphics – 35 Main St N – (612)743-0746woody's
Woody’s Graphics custom makes vinyl graphics, auto and wall lettering, wood signs, t-shirts, wedding decor, and more. Not only can you purchase already made items in their store, you can have items custom made.

Pictured: Co-Owners Michael and Amy Johnson, and the Hutchinson Ambassadors



Make sure to check out additional information from our members, as well as, extra information from the articles above.  Clicking on the photos will bring a full page view for your convenience.


Ridgewater Inserthammernails_poster_2015FitKids flyer Summer 20152015 Golf Sponsor Form

What is Tourism?

Why are we named the Hutchinson Area Chamber of Commerce and Tourism?

We are asked this question frequently, so let’s review:

tour·ism ˈto͝orˌizəm/ noun: tourism

  1. the practice of traveling for recreation
  2. the guidance or management of tourists
  3. a: the promotion or encouragement of touring
     b:  the accommodation of tourists

In 2005 the Hutchinson Convention and Visitors Bureau merged with the Chamber of Commerce. For many, but not all, communities this merge or a close relationship makes sense. Tourism makes up 30% of the Chamber’s work here in Hutchinson.

All of Hutchinson’s lodging properties (motels/hotels) collect a city tax for each room they rent. That “lodging tax” goes through the city to the Chamber. This money, through an ordinance of the city, is used specifically to bring people to Hutchinson.

Melissa, our Communication Coordinator, schedules print ads throughout the state and the region, billboards in Minnesota and South Dakota, and soon… #MuchInHutch on trailer trucks and campers!! Right now we are focusing specifically on #MuchInHutch and we are excited to be using such a variety of advertising mediums.

Have you seen our Visitor Guide? It is packed with great information regarding all things Hutchinson. This is available locally, and is shipped to a variety of tourism offices throughout the state. Just as we share State tourism information, so do other chambers/tourism offices.

Shopping Days, Festivals and More…. We work to bring people to Hutchinson for a day, a weekend, a month, or for a forever home. Through retail shopping events we attract shoppers who need to eat, and perhaps spend the night so they can attend another event. Our community is fortunate to have great events throughout the year, attracting more people to Hutchinson. The Arts & Crafts festival brings in about 12,000 each year-holy moly Batman!

We implemented the Tourism Marketing Grant two years ago, to help pay for marketing outside a 30 mile radius of Hutchinson for these types of events. This was designed for profit and non-profit organizations.

The Community Calendar takes on an important role as we direct people to the website every hour of every day. Have you listed your events through your Chamber portal online? With over 100 views a day, the calendar is the number one viewed page on our website. We also have the Visiting Hutchinson page, which helps direct people to whatever they may be looking for.

As we look into the future, we are excited to begin work on Luce Line marketing, and incorporating our vibrant, active community into those marketing pieces.

There really is #MuchInHutch!!