What is Tourism?

Why are we named the Hutchinson Area Chamber of Commerce and Tourism?

We are asked this question frequently, so let’s review:

tour·ism ˈto͝orˌizəm/ noun: tourism

  1. the practice of traveling for recreation
  2. the guidance or management of tourists
  3. a: the promotion or encouragement of touring
     b:  the accommodation of tourists

In 2005 the Hutchinson Convention and Visitors Bureau merged with the Chamber of Commerce. For many, but not all, communities this merge or a close relationship makes sense. Tourism makes up 30% of the Chamber’s work here in Hutchinson.

All of Hutchinson’s lodging properties (motels/hotels) collect a city tax for each room they rent. That “lodging tax” goes through the city to the Chamber. This money, through an ordinance of the city, is used specifically to bring people to Hutchinson.

Melissa, our Communication Coordinator, schedules print ads throughout the state and the region, billboards in Minnesota and South Dakota, and soon… #MuchInHutch on trailer trucks and campers!! Right now we are focusing specifically on #MuchInHutch and we are excited to be using such a variety of advertising mediums.

Have you seen our Visitor Guide? It is packed with great information regarding all things Hutchinson. This is available locally, and is shipped to a variety of tourism offices throughout the state. Just as we share State tourism information, so do other chambers/tourism offices.

Shopping Days, Festivals and More…. We work to bring people to Hutchinson for a day, a weekend, a month, or for a forever home. Through retail shopping events we attract shoppers who need to eat, and perhaps spend the night so they can attend another event. Our community is fortunate to have great events throughout the year, attracting more people to Hutchinson. The Arts & Crafts festival brings in about 12,000 each year-holy moly Batman!

We implemented the Tourism Marketing Grant two years ago, to help pay for marketing outside a 30 mile radius of Hutchinson for these types of events. This was designed for profit and non-profit organizations.

The Community Calendar takes on an important role as we direct people to the website every hour of every day. Have you listed your events through your Chamber portal online? With over 100 views a day, the calendar is the number one viewed page on our website. We also have the Visiting Hutchinson page, which helps direct people to whatever they may be looking for.

As we look into the future, we are excited to begin work on Luce Line marketing, and incorporating our vibrant, active community into those marketing pieces.

There really is #MuchInHutch!!