What Do You Want?

chamber (8 of 35)What do you want?

A good questions raised by Jerrid Sebesta at our Annual Banquet. #BlameJerrid

What do you want?
Is what you are doing now, supporting this goal?
Do you have the resources necessary to get what you want?
What will you do to get what you want?

Martin Luther King Jr.’s voice booms in my mind, “I HAVE A DREAM….”

Whether you are thinking about these questions on a personal or professional level, there’s opportunity to utilize the chamber to identify resources to help you do or get what you want.

Using the business directory, you can search for investment services, financial planning, loan services, travel services, mental health, fitness facilities, etc. (NOTE: As a Chamber Member- anyone can search for YOUR business on our website. Is your information updated? Call us if you need assistance to make these updates.)

This works both ways! You may need assistance making your goal happen, AND you may be able help someone work toward their goals.

When you think about what you want, open your thoughts to WHY you want it and what are the steps to make this happen. My suggestion is to write it down. Just as writing a pros and cons list for decision making, it is easier to see your statements and lists visually, than leaving it to ruminate in your gray matter. Many times we are stuck admiring the challenge, reiterating the struggles and continuing to lament. Move to action.

Some additional thoughts I have saved from the fish bowl of social media:

  • When you say you don’t have a choice, you just made a choice.
  • Why Video by Simon Simek- Understand your Why, not your how.
  • If your life is boring, you make it boring. Same with your job.
  • Information is giving out. Communication is getting through.
  • We choose what we think about and how we think about it.
  • Yes! You can!

Again, whether you are considering what you want for your business, for yourself, or for your family, you have a plethora of resources right at your fingertips. Let us help you connect the dots to your goals, hopes and dreams.