What do these event have in common?

Quiz Time!

What do these events have in common?
Hutchinson Farmers Market, McLeod County Fair, Orange Spectacular, RiverSong Music Festival, the Elks Gun Show, MN Garlic Festival, MN Pottery Festival, Big Little Hunting & Fishing Expo, B&B Sporting & RV Show, and the Legends of Rock Concert

What could these diverse events have in common, besides being held IN Hutchinson, MN?

They all received a 2015 Tourism Marketing Grant from the Hutchinson Chamber of Commerce & Tourism!

For the past couple of years, we have enjoyed granting money to events held here in Hutchinson. These grants help cover the expense of marketing outside of Hutchinson, drawing people TO our community. There really is #MuchInHutch! These events help the chamber bring more people to our beautiful and welcoming community.

Because of the popularity of this grant, we will be moving to a quarterly review basis, versus twice a year. Grant applications will be due in the same timeline as Table Tent submissions. The first of each of these months: December, March, June, and September.

Non-Profits and For-Profits may apply!

Here’s some basic criteria:

  • Event is IN Hutchinson, MN
  • Marketing available for grant is done OUTSIDE a 30 mile radius of Hutchinson
  • Chamber Logo (provided) is included in the marketing piece(s), or our name included on radio advertising

Applications will be going up on the website, and you can call us to email you one as well!

Tell your friends, co-workers, committees, and organizations about the Grant- we’d love to help events, as they help us and increase the traffic and awesomeness of Hutchinson. #MuchInHutch