Tourism Marketing Grant Available!

Every event watches the bottom line to make the most out of every dollar.
Every event has the same need- people.

Have No Fear- Help is Here!

Hutchinson Area Chamber of Commerce and Tourism has a grant to help offset marketing costs to get people to come to your event- Here are the two biggest things to know:
1. Marketing (for the grant) must be outside a 30 mile radius of Hutchinson, MN.
2. The Chamber/Tourism logo has to be included in the ad or marketing medium.

Through our Tourism program, we work to attract more people to Hutchinson, MN. We have much to offer, and our businesses are here to serve those who visit. More people in Hutchinson generates more revenue for our businesses…. Which generates more tax revenue…. Which repairs our streets, keeps police officers in our neighborhoods, keeps our water clean… you get where I am going with that.

Several events have applied and received Tourism Marketing Grant money:
RiverSong, Elks Annual Gun Show, Bonnie Mohr’s Fall Open House, Orange Spectacular, Big Little Hunting & Fishing Expo, and the Hutchinson Area Boat and RV Show.

Event Marketing Tip: When you are setting up a marketing plan, be sure to diversify. Publications, Radio, Posters, and Social Media are all important in today’s world. Be sure you are doing everything to set your event up for success. Focusing too heavily on only one of these options can drastically reduce your attendance.

The deadlines for the 2017 Tourism Marketing Grant:  June 1, 2017 & September 1, 2017. 

We look forward to receiving your application and we’re happy to answer any questions you may have.

Click here for our 2017 Tourism Marketing Grant Application.

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