Something from Matt & Mary: Membership 2017

During this time of year, many of us celebrate the holidays with family and friends by eating delicious food, giving gifts and getting together to celebrate the time gone by… And I think I can safely say that we have all been a part of a get together or party that was just plain not for you.  That one family member who brings the fruitcake no one eats, the friend who drags you to the bar or party when all you want to do is curl up on the couch with Netflix, the work party that, well, not a lot of people want to spend more of their personal time at work…. You get my drift.  So where am I going with this?  There is no one, cookie-cutter way of dealing with the holidays.  What works for some people does not work for others, and there is nothing wrong with that!  We all have different wants and needs when it comes to this time of the year and our diversity is what makes us unique.  Embrace it!

Similarly, no one Chamber Membership is the same.  Much like our local businesses and members, we all bring something different to the table and have different wants and needs.  What works for 3M may not work for Hutch Sport Shop, and vice versa.  And again, there is nothing wrong with that, in fact, we celebrate it!

For 2017, we at the Chamber are working with our members to fully customize their membership to fit their business.  We have restructured our membership options to be able to have maximum flexibility when it comes to your investment dollars with us.  Looking for more involvement in the community?  We can help with that.  Looking for more advertising?  We can help with that too!  We have laid out many options when it comes to choosing where your investment fits with your business.  Whether you are a multi-million dollar organization or a small shop pursuing your passion, we want you to feel like you are getting exactly what you are looking for with your Chamber Membership.

In the upcoming weeks and months, Mary and I will be out and about chatting and working with our members about how we can structure your membership to best suit your wants and needs.  The more feedback we get, the better idea we have of how we at the Chamber can help grow your business and its relationships.  After all, that is exactly what we are here for!

So as we reflect on an eventful 2016, we look forward to 2017 and all that is has to offer.  Do not hesitate contacting us to set up a meeting today, next week… whenever!  Thank you for being members and we look forward to working with you in the upcoming year!