Something from Mary

It’s time to say “Good Luck” to Angela as she leaves the chamber to return to the world of banking.

This change at the Chamber, leaves us reminded of the importance of procedures for tasks for any staff in the office, or perhaps in other cases- out of the office.

How do you get a specific task done? Where do you store the files for the once a year event? What’s the route for deliveries? What’s critically needed to keep moving forward?

We’re ALL busy doing what needs to be done today, but as I pointed out last March in my article, you need a back-up plan for anything unforeseen change in your business.

Preparation is important in today’s business world, although many of us think it won’t happen to our business.

Emergencies and changes can happen at any time to anyone, and replacing records, information, history, equipment, inventory, or staff, can be daunting.

Taking the time to plan can save you stress and anguish later.

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”- Benjamin Franklin

Simple steps taken by each employee, on a regular basis, will strengthen your business moving forward.

Write down procedures for accessing accounts and communications with customers, equipment and computer programs. Provide policies and procedures in a readily accessible location. Everything an employee does should be recorded somewhere, for someone else to pick up when necessary.

Please join us as we wish Angela good luck on her new adventure. Stop in the Chamber & Tourism office on Friday afternoon, MARCH 6th,  from 2-4 pm to say good luck and enjoy some healthy treats.