Something From Mary

So I know I beat the drum frequently, but here’s just another opportunity to THANK and RECOGNIZE our small businesses in the Hutchinson Area.

Did you know?

  • 540,000 new businesses are started each month in the US
  • 65% of all new jobs come from small businesses
  • There are 28 million small businesses in US, which outnumber corporations 1162 to 1.

(Sources: Carbonite, Start Small, Tentacle)

Small Businesses are run by tenacious, spirited, hard-working, strong- hearted individuals. These people know and love their products and services. They believe in the work they do, the community they live in and want to make our community a better place.

Let’s look at some unique side-effects of shopping online or out-of- town versus locally.

The costs of gas when you travel outside of Hutchinson, and the effects of fuel in our environment.

Road wear and tear- seriously you complain about the roads, let’s think about the wear on our vehicles.

The loss of stores who must compete against online purchases.

We complain about being too busy, well driving somewhere else to buy something we have in town is wasting time, precious time.

I know we don’t have EVERYTHING in Hutchinson, BUT we have a great deal of stores and people here to help us find what we need. Local businesses support youth activities, events, pay taxes – which cover costs of crucial city services, and they actually want to see your smiling face. 🙂

No matter where you shop in Hutchinson, money stays local.  I spoke with Scott Hilgeman, Walmart Store Manager for a Bring It Home video, he shared with me Walmart donated over $200,000 back into our community last year. So whether you shop at locally owned and operated, or bigger chain stores… it makes a difference!

Please consider our hard working LOCAL businesses the next time you are looking for the perfect “something.”

Thank you Small Business Owners for your dedication to our Community! We appreciate you!