Something from Mary!

I’m constantly amazed at what people will or will not complain about.

Some are content with whatever is put in front of them, others… well they complain about not having something to complain about.

This is an installment of #lovewhereyoulive. This past month, we hosted the 44th Annual Arts & Crafts Festival, and yes Randy Starke, it was once Arts in the Park. We bring in 10,000-12,000 people every year for this event. How do we know you may ask… well we counted this year, at every corner all times of the day…. and well, we’ve been right… I love it when we are right! J

Arts & Crafts is a fundraiser for the Chamber, AND, a tourism event. We use money from both sides of our budget for the festival. Businesses in town are busier, gas stations are hopping, and hotels are filled.

Businesses downtown lose parking, many close during load-in and the festival itself, some may lose money, some may make more. But it is decidedly BUSIER and traffic is congested. LOTS to complain about… right? No!

Our businesses are so understanding of the importance of this event to our entire community. Many tell us they look forward to the people watching, or they utilize the opportunity to do some training, or give their hard working employees a day off, or even have the celebrated day in a closed office- you know what I mean- no one comes in or calls, and you can actually get work done. We have VERY LITTLE grumbling, complaining, or rudeness from businesses. The bigger picture in Hutchinson is the sense of community: the opportunity to show off our community with pride.

So this isn’t about complaining, this is about a bright and happy community willing to push and pull when needed, ebb and flow, and ying and yang for the betterment of Hutchinson.

Thank you to SOOO many of you who make it possible to host such an event as the Arts and Crafts Festival! I #LoveWhereILive