2019 May – Something from Mary!

Why does the Chamber have a golf tournament?

I am so glad you asked!

Golf is the summer sport taking you to lovely green courses filled with green plants, bringing people together for fun and also aggravates and brings humility to many.

A number of years ago the Chamber started the golf tournament as a fundraiser, which it still is today. Membership dues do not cover the expenses of running the chamber programs and services we provide our members. The board did not and does not want to raise dues significantly, so we fund raise. The golf themes came along shortly after this from suggestions from golfers.

A few years ago we added the “Staffed Hole” Sponsor- WOW! Everyone seems to really enjoy this addition. We have members who will not miss the opportunity to network with every golfer. With an easy $200 investment, most businesses easily justify the cost with the opportunity.

Now this year, mix the Staffed Holes with the theme of Tailgaiting… yes, we plan to have fun while we spend the day on the course, in the sun, light breeze, bev carts out…. Oh, yes, sorry, I was writing an article… back to it.

The amount of networking at our golf tournaments is substantial. See and be seen. Work actually does get done on the golf course. We’ve seen people meet for the first time, businesses have hired people they met, to-do list items get accomplished, and there is a lot to be said for a group of people out on the course on a beautiful day enjoying each other’s company.

So yes, we have fun at the golf tournament, and it is a lot of work to organize and run, but our members benefit from this is multiple ways. Programs and services are funded, networking, and deals are made. And, you all deserve a Monday afternoon off. So there is my added bonus/benefit…. We are so busy in the hustle and bustle of work, it’s great to hear from golfers “I needed this afternoon out of the office.” We all do, so please add July 22 to your calendar and join us at Oakdale Golf Club for a day of fundraising, networking, deal making, and FUN. We’ll have fun for certain; we’re tailgating! Your team can show their team spirit in any way you’d like.

See you in July!