2019 August – Something from Mary!

Hands Free, Free Time

As the Hands-Free law goes into place today, August 1st, 2019, I am thinking about the many times, we should put down our phones, not just in the vehicle while we are driving, and not just our phones need to be put down.

Gosh we live in a crazy world in which we now have an attention span that is less than a grass hopper’s. For some reason many of us need to be entertained at every curve… do you turn the channel or pick up your phone and scroll when a TV commercial comes on? Do you even realize you are doing that? Probably not.

How about today, you think intentionally about those moments of boredom-quiet-transitions between shows, waiting in line at the store, waiting for a client, and consider how you could use those fleeting moments to do something more productive…. Return a phone call, start your grocery list, make a work list of items you’d like to tackle, dust something- seriously… you can get a lot of dusting done during TV commercials, just sayin’- don’t judge. Make lunch for tomorrow, walk around the block, drink a glass of water, pick up the office or room you are in.

I say this as I am trying to be more intentional about my time. I run run run….. and then crash. I am trying to RUN less, and crash less, which leaves me with some quiet time. It’s amazing what a person can do when they are intentional about finding time for the things that matter, and removing the time wasters.

I hope you’ll do two things.

One, put your phone down while you are driving. It’s the law and by the way, I like you alive, healthy and not strapped with a heavy fine.

Two, put other distractions down and find the opportunities that you can see in front of you. You never know what great things can come from a little dusting, a quickly made list, or even sitting in your own solitude.