June 2020- Business of the Month

Skyview Dairy, Inc.

18506 Nickel Ave
Hutchinson, MN
Skyview Dairy’s Facebook Page320-587-3658

Skyview Dairy is a family owned and operated dairy farm that has been in continuous operation since 1968.
Daryl Luthens started the business with seven cows, and today he and his four sons (Shane, Brandon, Justin & Garrett) manage a milking herd of 1200 cows! They employ a staff of 19 and make it their mission to give each cow their undivided attention as if she were the only cow.

Skyview Dairy is passionate about continuous improvement on being the best stewards of the community they operate in and deep passion about the health and success of the cows/calves in their care. Their responsibilities that come with being a dairy farmer that are higher then any rule/regulations to honor.

Most of the milk from Skyview is processed into cheddar cheese or is sent to the Twin Cities to be bottled for
fluid consumpition.

Did you know?

– Skyview also grows many crops? These would include barley, alfalfa, corn, corn silage & beans.
– Their cows produce around 80 pounds of Milk a DAY!
– Cow sleep as little as 1 hours a day
– A cow is two years old before she starts to produce milk
– It takes 10 pounds of milk to make 1 pound of cheese


Click here to hear the live radio interview with Skyview Dairy!