2017 Food Drive for McLeod County Food Shelf


It’s time to gear up for the 2017 Minnesota FoodShare March Campaign, which benefits the McLeod County Food Shelf! Let’s kick some cans!

This is what the McLeod County Food Shelf has to say about this campaign:

The MN FoodShare March Campaign has traditionally been the years largest collection of financial and food support for MEFS. In 2016 a combination of over 104,500 dollars and pounds were collected – the categories were split pretty evenly between the two! Food donations obviously allow us to continue in our mission of providing food support and financial support allows the opportunity to purchase foods to fill in the gaps and  meet our obligations in maintaining our facilities.

In the past there has been some friendly competition between cities to see which municipality can spur the most in donations. We track all donations as they come in and give honors to bragging rights! Many organizations, schools, civic groups and businesses conduct their own drives during the campaign – all going toward the “Town Challenge” totals. Your business or organization my utilize the following schedule and  organize your own collection effort as appropriate:

Participating in the campaign between February 24, 2017 and April 2, 2017 allows MEFS to be eligible for additional grant funding.

Drop off Locations:

  • MidCountry Bank : 201 Main St S.

All donations must be received by 1pm, Monday April 3, 2017!

If your  business is interested in being a drop off location for the March Food Drive please email Casey or call our office at 320-587-5252.