Workforce. Workforce. Workforce.

chamber (8 of 35)If you are not currently hiring, you are in the minority. The current workforce is retiring at monumental rates, as baby boomers are leaving the workforce… AND they will continue to leave for many years yet. The upcoming generations do not have the same numbers to replace workforce needs… and this is cause for some creative thinking on behalf of employers. Notice I didn’t say panic, nausea, or concern.

Creativity. Out-of-the-box thinking. Innovation.

I have asked local Human Resource (HR) professionals to weigh-in on the topics of hiring employees, how to find them, where to find them, and how to keep them. Here’s some basics to help you begin.

Where to list your openings:

  1. Chamber Job Postings through your Chamber portal. Login through the chamber website using your login information and submit a job posting. Control the message and the length of time you’d like the posting to run. This also gives you the option to return to make updates and changes.
  2. Use your community network. Include local business contacts who are not competing for the same types of employees, former classmates/colleagues, local chamber contacts and whoever else might be of help.
  3. the Minnesota Workforce Centers direct displaced workers and job seekers to this site. Sheila Murphy, MITGI HR Director says this is a great option because it is free for the employer and candidates to use.
  4. Publications- local newspapers can be very helpful, especially for entry and production jobs. Typically people with a two-year degree stay closer to home. Regional and State publications can be used for management and higher positions. Industry specific publications can also be helpful. If you are using publications, ask if they have package deals you can use throughout the year.
  5. Notify local schools of entry level job openings
  6. List open positions on state college and university websites. They are almost always free and listings go out to alumni as well. Ridgewater College has a new online resource to list your job postings. For assistance, call Ardith Ampe, Career Services Specialist 320-222-8044
  7. TELL people you are hiring, even when you are taking in local ballgame, mention it to others: they may KNOW someone looking for your job opportunity!
  8. Ask your current employees to share this information with people they know as well.
  9. Many businesses utilize their Facebook page because it is free and there can be a wide reach of people viewing the information. You don’t need everyone to see it, you need the right ONE to see it.

Resources for businesses and job seekers:

  1. Central Minnesota Jobs and Training Services
  2. MN Department of Employment and Economic Development
  3. Occupation Employment Statistics Data

Job Posting TIP: When listing information about the job, be sure to list typical hours and be upfront about necessary qualifications – there shouldn’t be vague information to confuse or lure people in. List the attractive features about your company and the position, and what you’re looking for in your next team member. You don’t want to comb through applications and resumes of people who aren’t qualified, and they don’t want to spend time applying for a position if they won’t be considered.

This is no longer the time to just wait it out. Jump on your own bandwagon and cheer for your team and the advantages to work for you and your business. Use a couple of new options listed here. Ask for help. Reach out to other businesses in the same situation. If we all work together, we can fill our job openings, create more and do more in Hutchinson. #MuchInHutch

Thank you to Sheila Murphy, MITGI HR Director and Kara Schmoll, Placement Specialist, Central Minnesota Jobs and Training Services, for providing the great information and resources listed above.