Why Hutchinson Leadership Institute?

Why Hutchinson Leadership Institute?

“A Leader is someone who demonstrates what’s possible.” – Mark Yarnell

How can one demonstrate, when they aren’t really aware of what there is? For the 28th Year, Hutchinson Leadership Institute will kick off in September, bringing with it: Speakers, experiences, “lightbulb” moments, friendships, and opportunity awareness.

From self-awareness, community and civic responsibility, to the history and future of our community, and all the material in between, our participants experience what is and what can be in Hutchinson.

Some businesses use Leadership as a way to involve their employees in the community, gaining networks and roots in Hutchinson…. and keeping those talented employees here. Other businesses use it to bring employees to a new level of leadership, catapulting potential into action, and some to build a network of business people for future growth, projects, and community pride.

We’ve covered MANY topics over the years; currently we focus on self-awareness and personal development, team building, Hutchinson History, Capital and Economic Development, Civic and Non-Profit Organizations, Ethics, Communication, Workplace Diversity, Conflict Management, Political Leadership, and Community Service.

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”- John Quincy Adams

We strive to inspire our community to dream, learn and do.

We invite you to the 28th Class of Hutchinson Leadership Institute, to do the same.

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