TigerPath Academies

So what is TigerPath? Over the past several years, we have been working to connect HS education with future education and employment. Our initiative is called TigerPath Academies. These academies are created with the idea of merging traditional education with hands-on experiences rooted in real-world workforce opportunities.

How does it work? It is important that we begin by offering choice to students at a much earlier age. Through choice, you also must elect. It is part of the development process that is essential for students to learn responsibility to themselves. By promoting this choice, we absolutely except to increase the relevance of the high school experience for our students! Whereas you leave high school to “major” in a degree, or to pursue a vocation, TigerPath is more like picking up a “minor” to help you make that choice better.

We do this through multiple mechanisms. The icing on the cake is the connections we’ve developed by working with the Hutchinson community. The interactions with our community and workforce regarding TigerPath are much stronger than even seemed fathomable two year ago. We believe that TigerPath Academies will increase the effectiveness of our school, and beyond that, make our community and workforce more viable for the future!

(Content from Patrick Walsh, High School Principal)

Check out this video for more information on success in the new economy!


Click here for the TigerPath website to learn more about the program.