This is your call to ACTION!

This is a call to ACTION:
A call to help yourself, a call to help our community, a call to help our young people, and a call to make our future, and that of our future leaders, better.

Better than? What?
Better than us looking cross-eyed at “that millennial generation.”
Better than our businesses desperately trying to fill positions with no qualified applicants.
Better than what is.

Offer a mentorship, apprenticeship, job shadowing, or internships through the TigerPath Program.
Learn more about TigerPaths here:
Provide hands-on, specific experiences for students who are trying to whittle down their education and career choices from 100,000 to maybe just five. Inspire our very smart, multi-tasking, tech-saavy students to build, count, design, create, serve, discover, research or 100 other things you do in your daily work. Give them the opportunity to discover what any number of industries really provide in the workforce.

Inspiring our kids at local Hutchinson businesses, brings about the possibility of keeping them (or bringing them back) here, to work here, to build a life, participate in community, raise a family……Here.

We will have workforce issues for a while, a few years, okay, a couple of decades. According to Miles Seppelt, Hutchinson Economic Development Authority Director, “We have a significant workforce shortage in Hutchinson. The schools in Hutchinson are graduating 220-240 each year. Our resources are right here. What better way to fill our jobs, than to give our kids the experiences they need to fill our jobs?”

This is your call to ACTION:
I ask you to consider accepting my challenge to engage in this community-wide program to give students an open door pass to learn alongside of you and your employees.
I ask you to call or email me, with your show of support as a business that wants to be part of the solution.
Send me who/how to contact directly for these learning opportunities, what types of skills/industries are/can be involved, and how many students you can manage throughout the year.
Example: You may be a manufacturing company, but have the ability to showcase accounting or customer service to a student.