The Season of Giving

HodsonThe season of giving is upon us…. What have you given this year?
Cash donations?
In-Kind donations?
Your time, and the time of your employees, to volunteer within our community?

This time of year highlights many good things in our lives and our businesses. Thank you for going above and beyond to support the community you do business in.

Minnesota Business Gives is a program recognizing businesses that have donated monetarily, in-kind, and through employee volunteer hours to their community. The Governor of Minnesota signs letters for thousands of businesses designating them as a participant.

 Why does this program exist?
Strong businesses build strong communities. Building our businesses and recognition for their work and support is important. You know, as a business owner, how many times you are asked to support, donate and give. We want to thank you for your attention and support of our community’s needs!

Why 2%?
Every business, no matter how small can participate! Businesses make donation decisions monthly, weekly and daily. It can be a fine line for a business to be generous and stay in business. This program also supports businesses as they learn how to make a defined donation policy and make decisions that align with their mission and vision.

Who can be a Hutchinson Area Business Gives Participant?
Businesses based in the Hutchinson area, who donate at least 2% of the pre-tax earnings to the community are eligible.

What does a business need to do to participate?
A very short form needs to be filled out. There is also a simple worksheet to help you and your business determine if you are eligible for the 2% pre- tax earning donation level.

How are businesses in the Hutchinson Area recognized?
Besides the letter from the Governor, each business is listed in our Chamber newsletter, the Minnesota Chamber website, the Hutchinson Chamber website, and are recognized at the Annual Banquet. This year’s banquet is Friday, January 24, 2014.

Business people already know it is better to give than receive, because when you give, the return can be very gratifying. We want to thank our MANY generous businesses who routinely contribute time, talent and money to so many worthwhile programs, projects, and organizations. Please consider participating by contacting our office for more information.