“Something from Mary” has been taken over!

“Something from Mary” has been taken over!  Well, not really.  My name is Matt Beilke – Membership Coordinator for the Chamber and I have volunteered to write an article for this month’s newsletter. Happy to make my debut coming in from the bullpen!

Speaking of bullpens, the 93rd Annual State Amateur Baseball Championship is in full swing in Hutchinson.  The last few weekends have brought hundreds of people through our awesome town to watch and play in the tournament and enjoy all that Hutchinson has to offer.  When I drove by the park this past weekend, the parking lots were full and there were cars parked up to 2 blocks away!  People love coming out to a beautiful venue and city on a nice summer weekend to cheer for their town team!

And while we are on the topic of having visitors in town, we are expecting anywhere from 10,000-12,000 people in downtown Hutchinson for the Arts and Crafts Festival September 16-17.  Vendors and visitors come from the surrounding areas and states (yes, states!) to buy their favorite hand-made items, to eat and drink from over a dozen vendors at the Taste of Hutchinson and to experience all that our town has to offer.  Not only do we have those events that weekend, but we also have the first ever Stamp-N-Storage Warehouse Sale, the first ever Luce Line Lace Up, the Hutchinson Library Book Sale and the Hutchinson Farmer’s Market!  There truly is #MuchInHutch and we are EXCITED to be a part of it!

So why am I rambling about why people are in town so much lately?  Aren’t you supposed to be telling us about Membership, Matt?

Well, as Chamber members you should be excited that these people are in town!  Not only do they have the chance to see our beautiful town, but also to visit and patronize your business, stay in a local hotel, eat at a local restaurant and fall in love with Hutchinson like many of us have. Do not underestimate how much pictures on Facebook, positive Tweets, business visits and tourism dollars spent effect Hutchinson!  When you get a chance, please consider volunteering at local events like these.  Not only do you get to share about your business or organization first hand, but you also get to be a part of a fun event and give back to other organizations that help bring people to our hometown.

To volunteer for the Arts and Crafts Festival, please click here 

If you have any questions about Membership, Hutchinson or what my job at the Chamber is, don’t hesitate contacting me!