Something from Mary

40,000 Fewer People for Hire in MN

Creativity: the use of the imagination or original ideas

Synonyms: inventiveness, imagination, innovation, originality, individuality

Right now we need creativity, and all the other synonyms to manage the workforce shortage we are experiencing and are going to continue to experience.

Right now, in Minnesota, we have 40,000 fewer people in the workforce than we did one year ago. Yes, in just Minnesota….. way less people in the workforce. Now we know that is because of the baby boomers retiring, and the trailing generations have less people to fill this gap.

RIGHT NOW we all need to be thinking about HOW we do our work, not just WHO will do what we need now. Job openings are going to sky rocket, and seriously, there will be no one to step into MANY of these jobs.

So, how will YOU change HOW you work, hire, think?

I find this 40,000 number staggering. Here are some thoughts from my abys:

Work Load: What tasks do we currently take on, that don’t fit our work/mission?

Wait?! Do you know your mission?

Cross Training: If one person is out of the office/plant/etc for a day or a week, or more, who can step in and fill their role(s)?

Flexibility: What flexibility do you offer? Not just WHEN someone works, but WHERE and HOW? This is not about millennials, or Gen Z, this is about EVERYONE.

HAVE TO: Whenever you say “but we HAVE TO, do this, or that”….. Do you? No, really, do you have to do it the way you have, or this specific way, or in this order?

Lean Management & Six Sigma: this is an entirely separate conversation, HOWEVER, here is my synopsis: a process in which EVERYONE helps to provide steps for more productivity and quality of work, and reduce waste in the work place. Not garbage waste. Waste of time, inventory, motion, transportation, over- and under-production, and skills. There are some very good resources online about making your office or workplace leaner and more efficient.

These are just my top-of-mind thoughts this month, your team needs to be thinking about what you do on a daily, monthly and annual basis and how might this look different. Be willing to listen and consider the ideas and suggestions of others.