Something from Mary!

What if there was no chamber in Hutchinson?

Sometimes people ask “what does the chamber actually do?”

Let’s think about Hutchinson without the Chamber and Tourism office.

  • Businesses would not have an entity to call their own (and they have since the early 1890’s)
  • Business scams would lay a wider net
  • There would be no business visits by the Ambassadors to welcome new businesses and congratulate expanding businesses
  • No Business After Hours to learn about business services & products
  • Arts and Crafts would be a thing of the past, which would also mean the end to Taste of Hutchinson, and Taste of the Holidays
  • No one to advocate to shop local, think local, play local, eat local, sleep local, spend local
  • No visitors’ guide would be published, and no guides would be mailed out to prospective visitors, nor to visitor centers around the state. Over 1000 guides are mailed each year from requests, and 49 statewide centers display our visitor guides.
  • No business-oriented advocacy for the city, no alerts to new bills or regulations which affect businesses
  • Leadership Institute would be gone. Almost 800 people have gone through the program in 30 years.
  • Many businesses and organizations would have to pay for a meeting location, or jam into cramped quarters for meetings and interview
  • Another avenue of marketing services, products, jobs, and events would be gone
  • Dairy Day and Farm Fatigue would cease to exist
  • Young Professionals would be out of luck, and no group to call their own, like PULSE
  • Resource calls would go unanswered (we are the phone book and google combined)
  • The electronic marquee at Hwys 7 & 15 would go dark
  • The community calendar where people visit over a hundred times a day would be lost
  • Our famous table tents would no longer be printed
  • No advertisements or billboards recruiting people to come to Hutchinson
  • No more #muchinhutch on trucks or campers, products or anywhere

YOU matter to us. Our work is about YOU.

Thank YOU for being part of the Hutchinson Area Chamber of Commerce & Tourism organization.