Something from Mary!

Most of use have benefits through our employers.

We try to utilize those employee benefits to make our life better, healthier, balanced and maybe just a little easier. It’s what we do; use those benefits for maximum advantage for ourselves.

Your Chamber Membership comes with benefits also.

Benefits to make your business better, healthier, balanced and maybe just a little easier. See what I did there?

Whether you look at your chamber membership as a buffet, or business muscle builders: we are here to help your business.

Maybe you’re seeing emails from Ashley about your membership benefits, but discard them because you are too busy to look at them right now.

Maybe you see messages about events or programs, and think you’ll go back to those later.

Maybe it’s time you take the time to look at what you are utilizing and what’s being left on the table but could help you market/build/enhance your business.

Form your online portal to your web page on our website which gets many searches daily, to networking programs to get out and “press the flesh,” to educational opportunities to build skills, networks and confidence… the chamber has a lot to offer.

We’re your connection to the source, the answer, the obscure, the odd, and many times, just the right person to help you do what needs to be done.

So as you review your business benefits, let’s review your chamber membership benefits and find the best options to help you be bigger, stronger, faster!

You know what to do; call or email us! 320-587-5252 or email any of us:

[email protected]
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Happy New Year from our staff and Board of Directors!