Something from Mary!

As I write this I’m still basking in the fun and excitement of this past week’s Small Business Saturday. (Okay, part of my excitement is that MN beat WI twice this weekend in football.)

Our staff and ThinkLOCAL committee put much time and effort into planning ideas to bring people to, and keep people in, our community for this day. Staff and volunteers spent hours purchasing and collecting gift cards throughout the community for the first SBS ping pong ball drop of prizes and for handing out later in stores.



Let’s ThinkLOCAL more frequently; not just on Small Business Saturday.

Let’s ThinkLOCAL even when there isn’t a ball drop or elves out paying bills.

Even when you are online, there are local options to choose.

  • Amazon offers their Amazon Smile donations… pick a local charity!
  • Most online purchases with store pick-up options keep the purchase local to that store!

Did you know you will never run into friends and old acquaintances while shopping online?

Did you know you can’t touch or feel the fabric or texture of something online?

Do you realize if you don’t understand how to use it, or it comes broken or late there is not a real person to talk to without saying or hitting seven 3,785 times first?

How many times have you received a personal reminder online about that email you may have gotten with more savings and how you can use that coupon with another deal?

NOW…. let’s be real…. I know you shop online, sometimes I have to as well. Let’s just pledge to ThinkLOCAL before we just hop online, and let’s spend more in Hutchinson this year.

ThinkLOCAL… because every dollar spent locally pays for someone’s wages, which pays for food, heat, and clothing. Each dollar can be regenerated again and again.

ThinkLOCAL… because we are the reflection of our choices.

ThinkLOCAL… because you’re cool like that!