Something from Mary!

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Yes, you’ve heard it before. The Hype, the Excitement, the Four Pathways, Mary jumping up and down, Miles getting awards, the new school building supporting it….

But NOW…. there’s a TigerPath COORDINATOR… Andrea Moore!

Andrea is no stranger to the Chamber; she serves on our Hutchinson Leadership Institute Design Team and also played a huge part in getting our Youth Leadership Institute program up and running…. Huge=she did it all. She’s also been a teacher for 12 years, has her MBA, and gol dang it she farms with her husband as well. If you do not know Andrea yet, you need to- [email protected].

Have you seen the new TigerPath website? read more and click on the internship button- there are a lot of ways to particiapte once you get there.

You can sign up to be part of this innovative program which among other things connects students to internships to take a deeper dive into work experience, an industry and/or a specific business.

But what else is there? Mentoring a student who may need/want one-on-one conversations about very specific careers, or perhaps very broad careers. Speaking with a doctor or a chamber president result in two very different experiences.  Perhaps you can present to classes about what you do, what your business does, what they can expect when they see your business…. Or how is their daily learning applicable to your industry.

I did not care for math in school… sorry… it wasn’t and still isn’t how my brain works… but it would have been helpful for me to hear from professionals how they use percentages to figure out tips at a restaurant, or how a math lover can be an actuary for an insurance company, or an insurance agent, or an interior designer, or a draft person, or a welder, or or or…. so many options, so many careers needing math skills.

ALSO, be watching for the PATHFair, coming this fall. Not a job fair as much as a way to help students determine if they fit into one or more TigerPaths. This will be so helpful to our students… and to you. We want our students to stay in Hutchinson, or go to school and come back to Hutchinson to fill the positions here, rather than somewhere else. Your participation in the PATHFair can help students learn what you do or make, and understand what types of careers are available. Building relationships with students now can help you supply the workers you need later.

So, let’s review, [email protected] is a great resource for you to connect at the school…. Your time, your business, donations to TigerPath programs, the whole deal. Check out the website

Make a difference for tomorrow, today.