Something from Mary!

Sign of the Times

Are you keeping up with the times?

Are you investing in your personal and professional development? Are you investing in your employees’ personal and professional development?

In today’s competitive job market you cannot afford not to be putting more opportunities into your employees’ hands.

You’ve heard this before, you’ll hear it again and again….  Employees are hard to find, they will get harder to find.

Let’s try keeping employees, but it won’t happen like it used to.

Retention is going to be KEY to the stability of your business. Economically and operationally.

It isn’t always about money. Today’s workforce is looking for meaning in their work. Most of us spend a third or more of our day at work. Certainly the majority of our waking hours are at work. We want to feel good about what we are doing and who we do it for!

Many workers want continuous feedback, not the usual annual evaluation. Feedback on a regular basis sounds like mentoring, mentoring sounds like leadership. Leadership sounds like success! Coaching can reduce stress and burnout for an employee, which can create positive outcomes from output as well as overall engagement.

Are your employees doing what makes them happy and they feel they are best at?

Steve Gasser, owner of Vivid Image says a person should strive for a 70/30 balance in their work. 70 percent of the time you’re doing what you enjoy and makes you feel successful. During VOICES training with Steve, I learned that most of 2016 & 2017 I wasn’t at a 70/30 balance. Ugh- no wonder I was frustrated! Although I felt I was taking items off my staff’s plate, I was loading my plate with unrealistic tasks. I was buried under the “I am responsible for this, so I better do it” blanket. I’m out from under the blanket! Hiring to fill those pieces I am not as skilled at was a great way to fill someone else’s bucket and build myself back up to 70/30. Imagine how an employee feels when they are buried under that blanket… burned out, frustrated, ready to run for greener grass.

Every single business is different, but I will tell you, every single business needs to look at what they do to take care of employees. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of everything else.

Hey, if you have great ideas for retention, send them my way! We can share with others in the community.

Some information for this article was taken from Inc. article 9/26/2017