Something from Mary!

This time of year my head is swirling.

Where is spring?

What is happening at the Bring It Home Expo? Who’s coming, who needs more space? Leadership is finishing up- how has another year gone by so quickly? I need to get everything prepped before vacation. They are graduating next month! Main Street 2020 information is ramping up- holy shovels- in two very short years the road will be dug up. Table Tents are ready- gotta get them out to the businesses. The Senator is coming. The compilation report is done and ready to deliver. It’s month end, need to do reports. Leadercast is coming up- do I have everything I need? The next month is Water Carnival- heck summer is half over.

Where is spring?



We’re all so “busy” but are we busy with the right things? Is your time taken up by those things that mean something to you, tasks which drive you to the next level personally or professionally?

List your personal top three priorities.

Now list all of the things you do in a day or week.

Which of those “things” have nothing to do with your top three priorities?

Generally many of us fill our days with filler. The “stuff” that doesn’t allow us to spend time on our priority list.

I’m challenging you to consider what’s filler and what intentionally helps you meet your goals, match your priorities and makes you joy-filled.

That’s it. Go out and be joy-filled. Only you can make that happen for you… so go and do.

Have a great month and spring will come… it always does.