Something from Mary!

It’s a Buffet!

Probably most of you have been to an all-you-can-eat food buffet at some point in your life. You know…. Some of you hover on the meat and potato end, some gravitate to the salad bar, I hang out by the ice cream and cake.

No matter what we each want or need, we have options available to satisfy your hunger, cravings and sustenance needs.

Much like that food buffet, the Chamber has something for everyone. No matter what your business is: small, large, growing, struggling, maintaining, established, brand spanking new, the chamber has something to help you to grow stronger, faster, larger, or maintain an even keel. We have also helped businesses as they chose to close to help employees, managed inventory, and say goodbye with grace and dignity.

Do you know what is included in your chamber membership?

Do you visit the buffet to check out the benefits?

Have you updated your information portal? If you just asked yourself what portal… you need to call 587-5252 right now.

Have you posted a hot deal, event, press release or JOB POSTING on our website? If you just said in your head, “I can do that?” you need to call 587-5252 right now.

Chamber members get emails sharing business scams, important legislative opportunities, networking events, and more. If you haven’t been getting emails, you should call us now to update your contact information. 587-5252

The Chamber promotes chamber members; do we have your business cards or business brochures? Grab 20 of each and bring them to us! 2 Main Street South.

Social Media coverage of your business and the Hutchinson Community. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Yep, we’re cool like this! More importantly, we reach a wide range of people through each, and when we share your posts, we extend your reach exponentially.

Other opportunities on the buffet include: Shop Local, Leadership Development, Agri-Business Support/Education, The Almighty Hutchinson Ambassadors, Young Professionals, Marketing, and the list keeps going.

Some businesses just simply want to support a business organization that works to promote, support and engage the business community, some are members because of the insurance discounts they receive for being a member, and some “just wanna have fun” thank you Cindy Lauper for putting that in my head for the day…. we have golf, arts & crafts, annual event (2018- 80’s Prom Theme) and more to just have fun with other business people.

So meet me at the buffet, check out what you might be missing with your membership! I’ll save you some cake!