Random Acts of Kindness

chamber (8 of 35)Have you ever noticed the commercials showing someone in the midst of a random act of kindness for another person, and then the pay-it-forward effect for the remainder of the commercial? It ends with someone helping the first person in the video. A nice example of when you put something out into the world, it comes back to you.

“We were born to unite with our fellow men,
and to join in community with the human race.” Cicero

This past month, our community witnessed so many random acts of kindness, I feel these can’t just go by the wayside. Hutchinson pulled together for many families in our community who have said goodbye too early in life, and for those facing devastating accidents and the accompanying aftermath.

I posted on Facebook about my pride for the community of Hutchinson coming together when others are in need; but what does community really mean?

Two definitions came up when I searched:

  1. a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common.
  2. a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.

We stay in this community, seemingly for the sense of community.

We care about others. We care about you. You care about me.

We care about health, family, education, a common sense of being….here.

The next time you see someone drop something, pick it up. Open a door. Give someone a ride.

The next time you want to criticize, stop. Maybe just give them a smile of encouragement instead… I bet they need it.

Thank you Hutchinson for being a community I am proud to be part of. When you give your time, your resources, your talents, your treasures…. You are appreciated by many, whether spoken or unspoken.

-Mary Hodson