Press Release: Telephone Scam to Hutchinson Utilities Customers

News Release


FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT: Sgt. Joe Nagel  320-587-2242

November 21, 2014

Telephone scam to Hutchinson Utilities Customers

Hutchinson Police would like the community to be aware of reports they have received regarding a utilities collections scam. Several local businesses have reported receiving a phone call from a business posing as Hutchinson Utilities stating their last payment was not able to be processed.  The caller, claiming to be a representative from Hutchinson Utilities, tells the business they must immediately pay $1000.00, and if they don’t pay, their utilities service will be shut off within 45 minutes.

The City of Hutchinson and Hutchinson Utilities want citizens and business owners to know they never call people demanding immediate payment or demand credit card information over the telephone.  If you have questions regarding Hutchinson Utilities payments, you may contact their billing department at 320-587-4746.   If you have been a victim of this scam, please report it to the Hutchinson Police Department by calling 320-587-2242.