Let’s Go CRAZY!

HodsonIf you ask people who have lived in Hutchinson for a number of years, they will tell you that mid-summer brought CRAZY Days! Real craziness took place- CRAZY deals, CRAZY hours, CRAZY costumes, and people had a lot of fun.

July 10, 11 & 12, 2014…… It’s time to STAY CALM and GO CRAZY!

The Chamber is proud to be rousting people out of their homes, inviting people from all over our region, throwing up the store awnings and bringing some CRAZY back to Hutchinson. It’s not just downtown- it’s the entire town!

Any business can participate! Retail, Service, Restaurants, Lodging and Destination locations are ALL welcome to go CRAZY with us!

Businesses can participate by signing up with the Chamber, a simple business listing is free. A coupon in our coupon book is a $10 fee to list your CRAZY Days deal/discount/offer.

As a participating business consider a Crazy Days plan: What will you offer? Who will work? What can you do to encourage traffic during those three days? What will your Crazy Days windows look like? This mid-year time is a great way to re-connect with your regular customers, AND build relationships with NEW customers.

Crazy Days Window Decorating Contest: The Chamber will host this contest! Need ideas? Melissa has been adding to the Chamber’s Pinterest board (http://www.pinterest.com/hutchmnchamber/) with Window Decorating ideas to help get your creative juices flowing. Businesses can sign up with the Chamber to be part of the contest.

Marketing: The Chamber will be doing print marketing throughout a 60 mile radius of Hutchinson. This, added to our strong online presence, will spread the word of our CRAZY week of deals and fun! BUT, don’t forget to also spread the word through your own marketing avenues- we are all working together! When we all engage our target audiences it provides crossover for all businesses.

The Downtown Association will again host the Picnic in the Park on Friday. Saturday will bring the Farmers’ Market and an outdoor vendor tent event will be held at the Hutchinson Mall.

We’ll be listing as many of the local events for that weekend as possible, so be sure to list your event on the community event calendar on www.explorehutchinson.com.

Spread the word- tell your friends, family, customers and others- July 10, 11 & 12 will be CRAZY great in Hutchinson!