Homerun Kind of Summer.

It’s baseball season. It’s lake, softball, swimming, boating, mowing, weeding gardening season; tourism season, and did I mention…. It’s baseball season.

It’s a homerun kind of summer here in Hutchinson.

Why? Well the State Amateur Baseball Tournament is coming here of course! #MuchInHutch Every so many years, Hutchinson hosts the state tournament. I think 2005 was the last time it was here. Oh… I remember it well. My family helped at concessions, the yummy grilled hotdogs, and snacks of all kinds, freeze pops, and the ice cold water holding cans of soda… I mean really cold, really icy water; the kind that freezes your bones when you stick your arm in to find the right flavored soda for a customer. The boys ran around with their friends, looking for foul balls (to get the quarters for returning them to the concession stand) and it was HOT HOT HOT outside. Everyone was in a great mood! It was a win-win couple of weeks. And now we are up to bat again!

So why am I rambling on about a Baseball Tournament? 65 teams. 25 players per roster. Plus coaches, and managers. AND family and friends. For THREE weekends in August and the beginning of September. 1625 players plus all the extra people that come with players….. upwards of 7,000-8,000 people. People who need gas, lunch, dinner, lodging, probably pick up a “couple of things” while they are in town. People who see #MuchInHutch and want to come back.

This is why I am talking about baseball. We’ve devoted a good part of the summer to baseball- it makes a great theme to play with. Get it? “Play with…”   🙂 I’m so punny. 

Let’s get into the swing of things…. Crazy Days- Steal the Deals begins July 7,8 &9…. Find steals and deals all over town. Get in line for your chance to get a Swag Bag on Thursday and Friday.

Slide into Friday with a FREE Huskies baseball game at Veterans Memorial Field. The game is at 7:30 pm, but you can come early to meet the players and see what happens behind the scenes.

And, coming into the home stretch, Movie in the Park, August 8th, at 8pm “The Sandlot” a classic movie for the entire family to enjoy! FREE at Library Square Park.

No matter what the event is, hosting here in Hutchinson has an economic impact for our local businesses. Don’t forget to look at the community calendar of events to learn more about the fabulous events bringing additional people, and money into Hutchinson.

July- September: Sports Tournaments, RiverSong, Garlic Festival, Orange Spectacular, MN Pottery Festival, McLeod County Fair, Arts & Crafts Festival and the Elks Gun Show, just to name a few!

As I like to say #MuchInHutch!