2018 Community Awards – Nominate Someone Today!

Each year we are excited to make the announcement of who has won the Community Awards.  We can’t do this without you.  Nominations need to be made and we try to make it easy for you.  Take a few minutes to nominate someone who is giving back to our community!

The Hutchinson Area Chamber of Commerce & Tourism and the Hutchinson Jaycees are accepting nominees for:

  • Business Person of the Year
  • Volunteer of the Year
  • Teacher of the Year
  • Young Leader of the Year (under 35 years of age)

Click here for the Community Awards Nomination Form (pdf).

Awards will be presented at the Hutchinson Area Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Annual Banquet on
Friday, January 19, 2018 at the Crow River Winery.

This is a list of the winners from the past few years:

Business Person of the Year:
2016:  Brett Haugen
2015:  Eric Lipke
2014:  Keith Heikes
2013:  Gail & Jenny Plaisance
2012:  Dr. David Mach
2011:  Renee Hantge
2010:  Tiffany Haag & Blake Barnard
2009:  Gus Wurdell
2008:  Tom Daggett

Volunteer of the Year:
2016:  Van Karg
2015:  Dave Sebesta
2014:  Joanne Willmert
2013:  Ken Jensen
2012:  John & Julie Lofdahl
2011:  Jessica & AJ Forcier
2010:  Jan Johnson
2009:  Betsy Price
2008:  Stacey Neuhaus

Teacher of the Year:
2016:  Dave Kucera
2015:  Arlyn Debruyckere
2014:  Kathy Nordby
2013:  Scott Renning
2012:  Kris Dobratz
2011:  Bruce Eckhart
2010:  Chad Harlander
2009:  Jean Schultz

Young Leader of the Year:
2016:  Karlie Mosher
2015:  Jonathan Dawson
2014:  Adam Fink
2013:  Chris Wilke
2012:  Kyle Wendling
2011:  Megan Peterson
2010:  Karen Grasmon
2009:  Joe Nagel
2008:  Kirsten Grorud