May 2019 Business of the Month

Business logo for Hantge Funeral Homes

Dobratz-Hantge Funeral Chapel
899 MN-15, Hutchinson, MN 55350
(320) 587-2128



Funeral Service in Hutchinson can be traced back to the beginnings of our local history and many changes have occurred over the years. In the 1800s, those known as “Undertakers” – who undertook the task of burying the dead – were also cabinet-makers who also made caskets when needed.  During this time, Funeral Service was often associated with furniture stores. Many times a visitation was held in the deceased’s home. The Dobratz and Quast families served the Hutchinson community in funeral service for many years.

A photo from the early 1900 with the H.A. Dobratz Building, a crowd of people and cars. Horse draws a carriage for an old funeral in the early 1900s Richard, Everett and Robert Hantge pictured with a hearse from the early 1900’s still owned by the Quast Family. This picture was taken at Esther Quast’s funeral on May 24, 2002.

  • 1911:A. Dobratz Furniture and Undertaking was established on Main Street.
  • 1973: Everett Hantge, a Brownton native who graduated from the University of Minnesota Mortuary Science, opened a funeral home in the former Quast Funeral Home in Hutchinson which was on the corner of Hassan Street and 2nd Avenue.
  • 1978: The Dobratz Family sold the funeral business and building to Everett Hantge. The Dobratz Chapel was renamed the Dobratz-Hantge Chapel, reflecting the continued tradition of the Dobratz name in Hutchinson. This location was on the corner of Glen Street and 4th Avenue, across from Peace Lutheran Church.
  • 1989: Robert Hantge, son of Everett Hantge, returned to Hutchinson after working in Minneapolis to join the firm. In 1991, Everett’s youngest son, Richard, joined the firm. Richard had also held employment in Minneapolis prior to returning to Hutchinson.
  • 1998: A Family Services Counselor and Preplanning Consultant, Brenda (Schramm) Hornick, was added to assist families with prearranging funeral and cremation services. In 1999, a crematory was installed at the Dobratz-Hantge Funeral Chapel to provide our community with full cremation services.
  • 2000: The Hantge Family purchased the former Citizen’s Bank drive-thru bank building, which was converted into an additional south chapel, providing two chapel locations in Hutchinson.
  • 2003: The Dobratz-Hantge Chapel on Glen Street in Hutchinson was sold to Peace Lutheran Church. In the spring of that year remodeling construction had begun on the south chapel. It was expanded to provide two large chapels, a fellowship room (which provides an alternative place for families to hold luncheons), a fireplace room, and a larger selection room.
  • Today: Hantge Funeral Chapels continue to care for the special needs that occur at the time of a death in the communities we serve.


Hantge Funeral Chapels believe the funeral honors the memory of the deceased while helping the survivors to accept the reality of death; it guides them to the healing of their grief. You and your family are the funeral home’s number one priority. A funeral is something that needs to be done right and the Hantge Funeral Chapels are fully committed to funeral service that is in your best interest.

It is the funeral home’s privilege to serve families and walk with them on their grief journey. Hantge Funeral Chapels allows families to receive the healing benefits of their aftercare program by inviting them to their annual Beyond Sorrow grief seminar and annual Holiday Remembrance Program. Working with their full-time funeral directors means you’re never alone. They are available to serve your family at any time… 24 hours a day, every day.

Peaceful photo of headstones in a cemetery Banquet tables and chairs set up for a luncheon post funeral A photo of an urn and candles symbolizing the cremation services offered by Hantge Funeral Chapels


The Dobratz-Hantge Funeral Chapel owns their own funeral chapel and can take care of every aspect of the cremation process for you – you loved one never leaves their care. Their team allows you to incorporate personalized and creative ideas to celebrated the lives of your loved ones, whether it be a dove release, hose drawn carriage to the cemetery, or anything else to make the day special. Their team can also assist families in personalizing and creating the cemetery marker or monument.

Some are unaware that the Hantge Funeral Chapels also offer professional pre-planning. They have a full staff of licensed professionals who will come to your home or meet with you at the funeral home. Pre-planning and pre-funding allows your family the opportunity to make funeral arrangements and decisions before the need arises. The Dobratz-Hantge Chapel can host both a funeral service and a funeral luncheon to follow at the funeral home.


This family-owned funeral home supports, participates, and believes in our hometown causes, events and organizations. The staff and owners are your local friends and neighbors, and their goal is to provide sensitive and caring assistance during life’s most difficult times and create meaningful celebrations that honor your family and friends.

April 2019 Business of the Month

Logo for the Disabled American Veterans (DAV)

177 3rd Ave NW, Hutchinson, MN 55350
(320) 587-1000

The Disabled American Veterans (DAV) is a non-profit veterans organization that was chartered in the Hutchinson area in 1982. There are 31 chapters throughout the state of Minnesota. As of now there are 410 members from the Hutchinson area that covers about a 30-mile radius. The group is dedicated to a single purpose: fulfilling the promises made to the men and women who served. They are building better lives for the men and women that served their country by providing FREE assistance in obtaining different benefits they earned while serving. In addition, they have an Auxiliary that works right alongside the DAV in everything they do – together as one!

If you’ve seen little green bins placed throughout the community, then you’ve seen the DAV and Auxiliary collection boxes. They collect clothing, shoes, leather goods, and small household goods including pots & pans, silverware, dishes and other nik-naks in these bins. The DAV supports green efforts by keeping these items out of landfills and recycling them through thrift stores in the metro area. The DAV is then paid by these thrift stores and all of the income goes back to into our community to help take care of our local veterans and their families.

In addition to assisting with veteran benefits and collecting various donations, the DAV and auxiliary provide transportation to and from medical appointments, free of charge. They own and operate four handicap vehicles and two ambulatory vehicles. They do accept donations if the patient is able and willing to do so. They also have what they call a “donor connect program” which involves loaning handicap equipment such as wheelchairs, hospital beds, crutches, walkers, and almost any kind of handicap equipment you can imagine to veterans, family members and other members of the public. They have such an abundance of this equipment and are happy to loan it to people, with the intention that it is returned when they no longer need it. These items are also accepted as a donation to the DAV and Auxiliary if people are able to do so!

This is strictly a volunteer operation. The DAV and Auxiliary has volunteers that complete office work, clothing collections, cleaning, transporting patients, delivering handicap equipment, and repairing equipment when possible; they have absolutely no on a payroll. Consider volunteering or donating to the DAV and supporting your local veterans!

March 2019 Business of the Month

The logo for McLeod Emergency Food Shelf - orange box with a white and purple heart made out of what looks like people's arms embracing

498 MN-7, Hutchinson, MN 55350  |  (320) 587-4796

This March, food shelves across Minnesota will be working with their communities to raise cash and food donations. All donations received between February 25th and April 8th at 1pm are eligible for additional grant funds through Greater Minneapolis Community Connections (GMCC) as part of the Minnesota FoodShare Campaign.

For this reason (and many others) we are excited to highlight the McLeod Emergency Food Shelf (MEFS) as our March business of the month! The food shelf provides service to 1 in every 7 McLeod County residents – in 2017 they served over 5,159 distinct individuals, had a total of 7,376 total distributions, and an average of 616 pick-ups per month. This was all made possible because of the donations provided by our community.

Infographics explaining different facts about the McLeod Emergency Food Shelf (MEFS). MEFS served 1 in every 7 McLeod County residents last year. More than half million pounds of food are distributed each year. Your financial donation can go further than your food donation because of MEFS access to discount programs.

MEFS was organized in 1983 to aid residents of McLeod County in emergency hunger situations and provide information for additional support services beyond the initial “hunger relief”. 35+ years later, MEFS continues to serve McLeod County both in terms of short-term emergency support as well as in the long-term vision of providing dignified, unbiased access to nutrition.

MEFS strives to eliminate food insecurity in our community – to make the “need” less of an issue and focus on equipping individuals with the tools they need to not only survive but thrive. Food security is having consistent, equitable, and affordable access to food of nutritional value. To really focus on providing food security for families and individuals in our community, MEFS is participating in a transformation process called SuperShelf.

The SuperShelf transformation will result in physical differences in their space as well as several internal process changes. The way foods are currently sourced, grouped, displayed, promoted, and distributed is being evaluated and new systems will be implemented. The SuperShelf project will bring new systems to life and carry these processes into the future.
A list of the "Food Drive Five" - Protein, Fruit, Soups, Whole-grain, Vegetables. It also talks about Cash donations and their higher impact with donations along with a logo for the MN Food Share March Campaign.

SuperShelf will also help MEFS make more impactful connections with the greater community. Many people aren’t aware of where MEFS’ food comes from, how people are invited to participate in the program, who’s actually accessing it, and the program’s overall impact; the story is much different now than it has been in the past. With the help of SuperShelf, MEFS hopes to further reduce (and eventually eliminate!) the stigma and barriers which have developed over the years.

The McLeod Emergency Food Shelf is always grateful for donations; MEFS shared, “Our THANK-YOU’S are often underwhelming for the generous thought, time, and energy given every day. Our ability to meet the needs of the community are only possible because of the support given by the community.” Consider what your family, business, or organization could do to support the McLeod Emergency Food Shelf this March!


February 2019 Business of the Month

Logo for Adara Home Health

246 Main St S, Hutchinson
(320) 587-5162

In January 2019, Prairie River Home Care, Inc. changed its name to Adara Home Health. Adara means “respect, regard, care” in the Sanskrit language (one of the oldest languages). Adara was chosen because it reflects the way they deliver home health care.

Adara Home Health evolved from Prairie River Inc., a company started in 1989 which provided personal care attendant services to disabled individuals. In 1996, Adara Home Health became a Medicare certified home care agency offering a broad range of services to individuals of all ages. On November 1, 1998 Ken and Judy Figge acquired Adara Home Health. Between them, Ken and Judy have over 50 years of experience in home care.

The corporate office of Adara Home Health is located in Buffalo, Minnesota. Direct client care and services are provided through a network of eight offices located in Fairmont, Hutchinson, Blaine, Mankato, Granite Falls, Rochester, Buffalo and St Cloud. Adara Home Health provides services within 60 Minnesota counties.


Medicare covers nursing and therapy at home 100% with no out of pocket expense when you meet criteria.  Adara Home Health is the best-kept secret. Medicare has had the home health benefit since the 60’s it is just now coming into the forefront as people look for ways to stay out of the hospital and received personalized care in their homes.

Home Health saves Medicare monies and you do not have to leave home to get care or treatment.  It is where people want to be – in their home.  By providing a nurse or therapist to come to your home, you get the service in the comfort of your home and save Medicare tax dollars by not having a hospital stay.

Clinician Owned and Operated:  Nurses and Therapist own Adara and are the corporate team.  That means every decision we make is patient centered.

FREE Initial Clinical Assessment:  Whether or not you choose to start care services with Adara Home Health, you will at least have a comprehensive understanding of the various options that are available to you in order to maintain your health in your own home. Our RN case managers are oriented and trained in understanding the various government and/or insurance payment options that are available. Some of the common payment methods for our services include:

  • Medicare payment if you qualify and are at least 65 years of age or disabled
  • Veterans benefits if you are seeing a physician from a Veterans Hospital, Center or Clinic.
  • Medica, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Preferred One, etc.
  • Medicaid, Elderly Waiver, Alternative Care, etc.
  • Private Pay

Our Own Therapists: Often other home care companies contract for therapy services. We employ full-time and part-time therapists at most of our branches which allows us to provide comprehensive care with people who are very familiar with our internal systems, processes and operational policies and have been oriented to our philosophy of care management.

Broad Service Area: No other home care company in Minnesota services as broad of a geographic region as our company. We service 60 of Minnesota’s 87 counties through our eight branch offices.

3 products & services Adara offers for nursing and therapy in your home:

Wound Care: We take pride in our comprehensive training and understanding of the various techniques that are available to provide the best possible outcomes in caring for people with complex wound care needs.

Fall Prevention: We developed a customized program for evaluating risks and preventing falls by oriented, educating and training our caregivers. Our ProActive Steps program handbook was developed to help people with osteoporosis, Parkinson’s, diabetes, heart conditions, seizure conditions and many other conditions prevent falling through proactive interactions.

Hospital Care Conferences: Not only do we care for you at home but we will also participate in any appropriate conferences and meetings before your discharge from a hospital, nursing home or other type of facility to ensure a full understand of your present and past condition.


What does Adara Home Health enjoy most about their Chamber Membership?

The promotion and support that the Chamber gives their members is phenomenal! Whether it be use of Chamber conference room, advertising opportunities, or events, it’s wonderful to be included in events that benefit our businesses, but even more so, our community.

January 2019 Business of the Month



B&B Sports and RV Logo

20271 Highway 15 N, Hutchinson
(320) 234-7669

Winter is here to stay. The snow has hit the ground and we might not see grass for a couple of months, but for many people in Hutchinson this is great news. You’ll see snow mobiles and ice houses all around town – many of which may have come from B&B Sports and RV!

B&B Sports opened its doors in 1992 at 20271 Hwy 15 North in Hutchinson. The business was started by Butch Hausladen and is in the same location today as it was over 27 years ago. Jeremy Crosby helped the shop when the business first started and took on a full-time position in July of 2011. He became part owner in 2012 and took over as majority owner in January 2018.

What does this tell us? That the people at B&B know their stuff! There are five full time employees working at B&B sports and each of them strive to provide the best customer experience possible. One of the best things about the people about B&B is their honesty and integrity – they create great experiences for people and if things don’t go perfectly, they help make it right. They try their best to get what the customer needs or give them options on where to get it.

B&B Sports is a dealer for Crestliner, Larson, KZ RV, Ice Castle Fish House, United Enclosed trailers, and Mercury Outboards. They have a full-service Camper & Fish House shop for most makes and models. They also service most makes and models of boats along with servicing Mercury motors, and Johnson/Evinrude outboards. Most people don’t realize that they also stock a lot of parts/accessories and have the experience to help get customers the correct parts. If they don’t have the number of parts you need, they can usually get what you need the next day.

So, whether the snow is falling in the middle of winter or you’re basking in the summer sun, visit B&B Sports to add a little fun to your outdoor experiences.

What does B&B Sports & RV enjoy most about their Chamber Membership?

We like the support and awareness being a chamber member offers.

November 2018 Business of the Month

Each November, communities around the nation highlight the importance of shopping local through Small Business Saturday. This month we featuring Small Business Saturday to share what exciting things we have planned for Saturday, November 24th and why it’s important to #ShopSmall.

What is Small Business Saturday?

Small Business Saturday was started by American Express back in 2010. It was originally designed to help local organizations thrive during the busiest time of the shopping year, but has since transformed into an eventful time of year for shoppers to come together and experience all that their small businesses have to offer.

Hutchinson adds unique twists to it’s Small Business Saturday by offering shoppers opportunities to win big when they shop small. Visit our welcome station on Washington Street from 10am-12pm. At 10:10 am we are going to drop hundreds of ping pong balls on Washington Street – each ping pong ball is your ticket to a discount, coupon, or gift card at a local business.

Stop into various local retail locations for the chance to be treated with a “Shop Small” tote, or get a surprise visit from one of the Chamber’s Red Clad Elves. You can also be a winner just by finding the perfect gift for your loved one at one of our small businesses 🙂

3 Reasons Why it’s Important to Shop Small

  1. You’re Supporting the Local Economy and Keeping Taxes Lower
    Studies show that money put into local businesses is more likely to stay local than money spent online. You are helping the community flourish just by making a purchase.
  2. You’re Preserving Local Character
    Our small businesses are what give our community that unique touch. We are proud to have one-of-a-kind stores that make Hutchinson what it is. By shopping local, you help preserve what makes our community special.
  3. You’re Investing in your “Neighbor”
    Local business owners have opened their doors to offer our community something unique that they believe in. Stand behind them and support what they are doing to make your community a better, more homey place.

When you shop small you’re doing more than making a purchase, you’re making a difference. Join us for Small Business Saturday on November 24th!

October 2018 Business of the Month


Hutchinson Tigers School Logo

(320) 587-2860

Hutchinson Public Schools was first established back in 1857, just two years after John, Asa, and Judson Hutchinson are credited with founding the town. In 1881 it was under an act of Minnesota Legislature that aid was provided to districts offering a course of high school study – Hutchinson was among the first to qualify for this aid. Today, the independent school district 423 has four main school buildings: West Elementary for preschool-grade 1, Park Elementary for grades 2-5, Hutchinson Middle School for grades 6-8 and the newly built Hutchinson High School that hosts grades 9-12. Hutchinson Public Schools also has buildings and programs for early childhood family education, Transition Assistance Program, and the District Office.

Empty classroom new in the Hutchinson High School

Students and employees within the Hutchinson Public Schools strive for excellence in academics, activities, and character. They believe relationships are essential for student success, a culture of high expectation is critical, meaningful and challenging curriculum is vital and all students learn. The district has goals to focus on individual student growth to maximize college and career opportunities, build positive relationships within their schools and community, manage their resources efficiently and effectively, and provide a safe and functional environment.

Each school within ISD 423 offers a variety of different services and opportunities including co/extracurricular activities, academic enrichment programs, elective courses in music, fine arts, business, foreign languages, tech education, and more. When students get to grade nine, they’ll be attending school in a 21st century facility and journeying through different potential career options with the new TigerPath Academies program.

Hutchinson Public Schools is constantly evolving and growing in order to provide the best experiences for their students, staff, and volunteers.

What does Hutchinson Public Schools enjoy most about their Chamber Membership?

The opportunity to network and build relationships with our community partners.

September 2018 Business of the Month

American Family Insurance Logo

 95 Hassan St SE, Hutchinson, MN 55350 | (320) 587-4989

A car crash, a house flood, a fire at your farm, a break in at your business – you may never be able to anticipate when tragedy will strike, but you can always have a plan in place that protects you. That’s where insurance comes in. American Family Insurance – William Young Agency focuses on protecting, restoring, and inspiring your dreams so your only concern is making them a reality.

American Family Insurance Agent Bo Young high-fiving coworkers

With a combined total of over 75 years of experience, the team at American Family Insurance – William Young Agency is more than qualified to provide you with the best protection. The Hutchinson branch began business in town over 80 years ago under the Farmers Mutual name, until switching its name to American Family in 1963. In 1985 the AmFam team moved into its current location on the corner of 1st Avenue and Hassan Street. Roger and Mary Mies ran the business for 50 years until retiring in 2012, when William “Bo” Young took over for them.

Bo works with a fantastic team of representatives that strive to be the most trusted and valued customer-driven insurance providers around. Kathy Ludowese has been with the company for over 41 years, her husband Tom for over 16, their son Brian moved to the Hutchinson branch 3 years ago after serving in the St. Cloud Community for a few years and Tracy Hassan joined the team in 2017.

Combining their experience, reputation, coverage, pricing, and community involvement logically makes American Family Insurance – William Young Agency one of the top choices for insurance in town. There are customers that have been loyal to AmFam for over 70 years and Kathy has personally insured multiple generations of families over her career.

The American Family Insurance team in Hutchinson MN

American Family Insurance’s main products are Auto, Home, Commercial, Farm, and Life Insurance. Their local presence allows them to truly be there for their customers when tragedies strike and to contribute to the community. The William Young Agency team lives, works, volunteers and invests in Hutchinson and we are proud to have them in our community!


What does American Family Insurance – William Young Agency enjoy most about their Chamber Membership?

Our team enjoys all of the networking and developmental opportunities that the Chamber provides.  The Business After Hours, Chamber Golf Tournament, Arts and Crafts Festival, and the Leadership Institute are a few examples of fantastic ways to connect with other community members!

What’s Happening in August 2018!

2018 Hometown Golf Challenge – Thank you!

We would like to thank everyone that joined us for the 2018 Hometown Golf Challenge “Around the World in 18 Holes” on July 23 at the Crow River Golf Club. The event would not be possible without our mighty volunteers and the businesses that donated to and sponsored this event. THANK YOU all for your time, talents, donations and support!!

MILLE GRAZIEO to our Visionary Sponsor – Citizens Bank & Trust Co and also to our Champion Sponsors – 3M, Hutchinson Health, MidCountry Bank, MITGI, TDK/Hutchinson Technology and Uponor. 

DANKE, DANKE also goes out to our Welcome Sponsors – MITGI, SouthPoint Financial Credit Union and TDK/Hutchinson Technology.

JE VOUS REMERCIE to our Staffed Hole Sponsors – APR, Ashley Homestore, Citizens Bank & Trust Co, Buffalo Wild WIngs, Hutchinson Health, Marco, Oakdale Golf Club, TDK/Hutchinson Technology, Uponor, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage and Woodstone Senior Living.

TACK, TACK, TACK are in order for our Hole Sponsors – 3M, Branded Solutions, Cash Wise Foods, Caspers Chiropractic, CenBank, Century 9 Theatre, Crow River Winery, Edina Realty, Fairway Mortgage Company, First Minnesota Bank, Goebel Fixture Company, Hutchinson Dental, Hutchinson Leader, Hutchinson Manufacturiing, LBC of Hutchinson, Novation Credit Union, Nuvera, Piehl Hanson Beckman, Plumbing and Heating by Craig, Rahk Studios, SouthPoint Financial Credit Union, Stamp N Storage, State Farm – Steve Kropp, State Farm – Mike McGraw, Valley Sales of Hutchinson and Walmart SuperCenter.

And last but certainly not least, GRACIAS to our Hole-In-One Sponsors:  Citizens Bank & Trust Co and Valley Sales of Hutchinson.

Buh Bye until next year!

2018 Crazy Days & Manufacturing in the Park – Thank you!

Thank you to businesses that participated in Crazy Days and Manufacturing in the Park! What a great way to see how our manufacturers, educators and related organizations work, who they are and who they are looking for! Also, a special thanks to those who attended. These events would not be a success without you!

Check out our Facebook page to view event photos.

Hutchinson Leadership Institute & Leadership 2.0 Enrollment for 2018-2018 is Now Open!

Business logo for Hutchinson Leadership InstituteWe are happy to announce the Hutchinson Leadership Institute is back for its 30th year! The Hutchinson Leadership Institute is hosted by the Hutchinson Chamber. This comprehensive program is designed to build community leaders. Over the period of nine months, participants will experience 10 days of training and classes. Each participant will be assigned to a group service project, which will assess community needs, determine a project, and facilitate the project working with other community members and/or groups.

Once you have completed the Leadership program, you can participate in Leadership 2.0! This brand new program will take a deeper dive into personal leadership and how it can impact the future of your business and the entire community. 

Click link for the Hutchinson Leadership Institute application (pdf) or Click here for the Hutchinson Leadership 2.0 application (pdf).

If you have questions about the Hutchinson Leadership program, please click here to email Mary at the Chamber office or click here to call Mary at the Chamber office at 320-234-0785.

Farm Fatigue – Bucket of Thanks Event 2018

Business logo for Farm Fatigue Bucket of Thanks Event

Each harvest season, our Agri Business committee works hard to deliver buckets of goodies to our farmers in the fields in McLeod County. If your business is interested in supplying goodies or money for this program, please complete and return the 2018 Farm Fatigue Flyer (pdf). 


44th Annual Arts & Crafts Festival & Taste of Hutchinson

Make sure to put September 14th & 15th on your calendar!

44th Annual Hutchinson Arts & Crafts Festival & Taste of Hutchinson September 14 & 15, 2018

Business of the Month

In August we will be highlighting Nuvera as our Business of the Month.Business logo for Nuvera

Click here to learn more about Nuvera.


New & Returning Chamber Members

We want to welcome our new members:

Thank you to our August renewing members!

  • Ag Systems, Inc.
  • Amazing Grace Boutique
  • Ashley Furniture
  • Basswoods Welding & Repair
  • Canvasworks
  • Casey’s General Store
  • Clay Coyote Gallery & Pottery
  • Crow River Floral & Gifts
  • Evergreen Apartments
  • New Century Academy
  • Outdoor Motion Bike Shop
  • Papa Murphy’s Take-n-Bake Pizza

Business logo for the Hutchinson AmbassadorsThe Hutchinson Ambassadors serve as the welcoming and social arm of the Hutchinson Chamber by actively supporting and promoting Hutchinson and its surrounding business community.

Click here to check out the Ambassador’s Facebook to see photos of all the visits and other special events hosted by the Ambassadors.

July’s Ambassadors Visits:

  • Kruse Altitude, LLC
  • LandSkapings
  • Schrade Firearms Knives and Tactical Survival, Helping Hands Healing Spa Trinities Trinkets & Designs JD’s Fidgets & Fun

Business After Hours:

  • Business After Hours is not held in August or September.
  • Business After Hours resumes on October 11th with Tigers After Hours. The TigerPath teachers will be on hand to explain how they will helps students discover their talents, develop their skills and build an exciting, rewarding career! “Find your own path” – that’s what it’s all about!

Business After Hours is a great way to learn about businesses in Hutchinson and network with fellow chamber members. This monthly event is Chamber invitation only and a way to get behind-the-scenes at our local businesses. Businesses interested in hosting a Business After Hours event, should contact the Ambassadors.

Click here to email the Ambassadors

Something from Mary

Chamber President Mary Hodson 2017


It’s a challenge to hire good people with the skill sets you need and want.

It’s a challenge because we have fewer people in the pipeline than we have leaving the workforce.

It’s going to continue to be a challenge, for a long time.

Click here to read the rest of Mary’s article

Quarter 4 Table Tent Deadline is September 1

2018 Quarter 3 Table Tents Calendar of EventsThe Chamber prints and delivers 900 table tents around the community. Are you looking for a way to boost an upcoming Hutchinson event?  Make sure you get your event added to the Table Tents!  The cost is $20/listing for Chamber members and $30/listing for non-members.

Also, if you submit an event to our table tents, make sure to add it to the online community calendar.  The community calendar averages about 100 views a day, so don’t forget to utilize it! Submitting an event to the community calendar may be done through your chamber member portal or the chamber website. Click here to access the Chamber’s Community Calendar!

The deadline for Quarter 4 (October, November & December) is September 1.

Click here to email Gina with questions, if you want table tents delivered to your business or if you want to submit an event for upcoming table tents.

Upcoming Save the Dates

September 14 – 15 – Arts & Crafts Festival & Taste of Hutchinson
November 15 – Taste of the Holidays
November 24 – Small Business Saturday

More information!

2018 Quarter 3 Table Tents Calendar of Events

44th Annual Hutchinson Arts & Crafts Festival & Taste of Hutchinson September 14 & 15, 2018

Business logo for Farm Fatigue Bucket of Thanks Event

Southwest Eye Care poster promoting Dr Jabin Krassin MD


Business logo for the Explore Hutchinson website & Much in Hutch

August 2018 Business of the Month

Nuvera logo

235 Franklin St SW, Hutchinson, MN 55350

(320) 429-2253

Internet, TV, phones, and computers… what do all of these have in common? They have all become essentials in our everyday lives AND are all items that are provided or serviced by our August Business of the Month – Nuvera.

Nuvera first came to the Hutchinson community 10 years ago and has been offering our residents and businesses top quality products, connectivity, and customer service ever since. Nuvera believes customizable solutions and superior customer service are key in building trustworthy relationships with the community. They know that in order to deliver the very best service to their customers, they need to start with providing the best work environment to their employees, which is why Nuvera focuses on an engaging and empowering company culture.

For over 110 years, Nuvera has had a commitment to growth and innovation. While products and services may change with the times, one thing that remains the same is their dedication to excellent service, customized solutions, and friendly local support that families, individuals, and businesses of all sizes can rely on.  There is a local customer solutions center in Hutchinson where experts are on hand to help you with your needs. Nuvera also has customer solutions centers located in New Ulm, Glencoe, Goodhue, Litchfield, Redwood Falls, Sleepy Eye, Springfield, and Aurelia, Iowa, staffing over 150 support experts that you can count on.

In addition to helping you with your residential or business telecommunication needs, Nuvera offers a free WiFi service at several public parks, community centers and fairgrounds.  Give them a call or stop by their local service center to find out


What does Nuvera enjoy most about their Chamber membership?

“Nuvera is proud to be a member of the Hutchinson Area Chamber of Commerce.  We understand the value of supporting the community and appreciate the networking, education and promotional opportunities, as well as a variety of valuable resources, provided by them. “