Business of the Month

409 California St. NW

Hutchinson, MN 55350

Tidy Tightwads, LLC is a professional cleaning and organizing business serving the Central Minnesota area since 2005. Based in Hutchinson, MN, Tidy Tightwads provides reliable, professional organizing. Tidy Tightwads enjoys giving back to the Hutchinson community by donating time to: Cancer patients/families through “Cleaning for a Reason” and nominate a Veteran/Spouse each fall to receive free service and with Holiday cleaning at Green Castle through Common Cup Ministries.

Tidy Tightwads mission is cleaning and finding ways to maintain a cleaner home or office. Cindy Haugland, owner of Tidy Tightwads, list these as their goals at Tidy Tightwad

  • Working without harsh chemicals whenever possible
  • Saving money
  • Reducing clutter in our homes and lives
  • Reducing, reusing and recycling
  • Bringing structure, organization, and consistency to reduce stress
  • Avoiding time wasters and encourage better time management

Tidy Tightwads specialize in residential and business cleaning, professional organizing, carpet cleaning, car detailing and senior downsizing. Cindy Comments, “One thing that makes Tidy Tightwads unique is our “Clutter Box.” Clients add items they want to donate and when we arrive to clean, we remove the items and return the box.”

When we asked Tidy Tightwads what would surprise people the most about their business, Cindy exclaimed, “Through getting organized and reducing the clutter, people often find things they didn’t even know they had or remember where they were. Organization helps people not to waste money on repurchasing items they already have but couldn’t find.”

What does Tidy Tightwads enjoy most about their Chamber membership?

“Networking with other businesses and staying informed on what’s going on in the community.”