November 2018 Business of the Month

Each November, communities around the nation highlight the importance of shopping local through Small Business Saturday. This month we featuring Small Business Saturday to share what exciting things we have planned for Saturday, November 24th and why it’s important to #ShopSmall.

What is Small Business Saturday?

Small Business Saturday was started by American Express back in 2010. It was originally designed to help local organizations thrive during the busiest time of the shopping year, but has since transformed into an eventful time of year for shoppers to come together and experience all that their small businesses have to offer.

Hutchinson adds unique twists to it’s Small Business Saturday by offering shoppers opportunities to win big when they shop small. Visit our welcome station on Washington Street from 10am-12pm. At 10:10 am we are going to drop hundreds of ping pong balls on Washington Street – each ping pong ball is your ticket to a discount, coupon, or gift card at a local business.

Stop into various local retail locations for the chance to be treated with a “Shop Small” tote, or get a surprise visit from one of the Chamber’s Red Clad Elves. You can also be a winner just by finding the perfect gift for your loved one at one of our small businesses 🙂

3 Reasons Why it’s Important to Shop Small

  1. You’re Supporting the Local Economy and Keeping Taxes Lower
    Studies show that money put into local businesses is more likely to stay local than money spent online. You are helping the community flourish just by making a purchase.
  2. You’re Preserving Local Character
    Our small businesses are what give our community that unique touch. We are proud to have one-of-a-kind stores that make Hutchinson what it is. By shopping local, you help preserve what makes our community special.
  3. You’re Investing in your “Neighbor”
    Local business owners have opened their doors to offer our community something unique that they believe in. Stand behind them and support what they are doing to make your community a better, more homey place.


When you shop small you’re doing more than making a purchase, you’re making a difference. Join us for Small Business Saturday on November 24th!

October 2018 Business of the Month


Hutchinson Tigers School Logo

(320) 587-2860

Hutchinson Public Schools was first established back in 1857, just two years after John, Asa, and Judson Hutchinson are credited with founding the town. In 1881 it was under an act of Minnesota Legislature that aid was provided to districts offering a course of high school study – Hutchinson was among the first to qualify for this aid. Today, the independent school district 423 has four main school buildings: West Elementary for preschool-grade 1, Park Elementary for grades 2-5, Hutchinson Middle School for grades 6-8 and the newly built Hutchinson High School that hosts grades 9-12. Hutchinson Public Schools also has buildings and programs for early childhood family education, Transition Assistance Program, and the District Office.

Empty classroom new in the Hutchinson High School

Students and employees within the Hutchinson Public Schools strive for excellence in academics, activities, and character. They believe relationships are essential for student success, a culture of high expectation is critical, meaningful and challenging curriculum is vital and all students learn. The district has goals to focus on individual student growth to maximize college and career opportunities, build positive relationships within their schools and community, manage their resources efficiently and effectively, and provide a safe and functional environment.

Each school within ISD 423 offers a variety of different services and opportunities including co/extracurricular activities, academic enrichment programs, elective courses in music, fine arts, business, foreign languages, tech education, and more. When students get to grade nine, they’ll be attending school in a 21st century facility and journeying through different potential career options with the new TigerPath Academies program.

Hutchinson Public Schools is constantly evolving and growing in order to provide the best experiences for their students, staff, and volunteers.

What does Hutchinson Public Schools enjoy most about their Chamber Membership?

The opportunity to network and build relationships with our community partners.

September 2018 Business of the Month

American Family Insurance Logo

 95 Hassan St SE, Hutchinson, MN 55350 | (320) 587-4989

A car crash, a house flood, a fire at your farm, a break in at your business – you may never be able to anticipate when tragedy will strike, but you can always have a plan in place that protects you. That’s where insurance comes in. American Family Insurance – William Young Agency focuses on protecting, restoring, and inspiring your dreams so your only concern is making them a reality.

American Family Insurance Agent Bo Young high-fiving fellow agents that created a tunnel for him to walk through as he accepts an award

With a combined total of over 75 years of experience, the team at American Family Insurance – William Young Agency is more than qualified to provide you with the best protection. The Hutchinson branch began business in town over 80 years ago under the Farmers Mutual name, until switching its name to American Family in 1963. In 1985 the AmFam team moved into its current location on the corner of 1st Avenue and Hassan Street. Roger and Mary Mies ran the business for 50 years until retiring in 2012, when William “Bo” Young took over for them.

Bo works with a fantastic team of representatives that strive to be the most trusted and valued customer-driven insurance providers around. Kathy Ludowese has been with the company for over 41 years, her husband Tom for over 16, their son Brian moved to the Hutchinson branch 3 years ago after serving in the St. Cloud Community for a few years and Tracy Hassan joined the team in 2017.

Combining their experience, reputation, coverage, pricing, and community involvement logically makes American Family Insurance – William Young Agency one of the top choices for insurance in town. There are customers that have been loyal to AmFam for over 70 years and Kathy has personally insured multiple generations of families over her career.

The American Family Insurance team standing in a line in their office smiling for a photo in their blue long sleeve button up American Family shirts.

American Family Insurance’s main products are Auto, Home, Commercial, Farm, and Life Insurance. Their local presence allows them to truly be there for their customers when tragedies strike and to contribute to the community. The William Young Agency team lives, works, volunteers and invests in Hutchinson and we are proud to have them in our community!


What does American Family Insurance – William Young Agency enjoy most about their Chamber Membership?

Our team enjoys all of the networking and developmental opportunities that the Chamber provides.  The Business After Hours, Chamber Golf Tournament, Arts and Crafts Festival, and the Leadership Institute are a few examples of fantastic ways to connect with other community members!

August 2018 Business of the Month

Nuvera logo

235 Franklin St SW, Hutchinson, MN 55350

(320) 429-2253

Internet, TV, phones, and computers… what do all of these have in common? They have all become essentials in our everyday lives AND are all items that are provided or serviced by our August Business of the Month – Nuvera.

Nuvera first came to the Hutchinson community 10 years ago and has been offering our residents and businesses top quality products, connectivity, and customer service ever since. Nuvera believes customizable solutions and superior customer service are key in building trustworthy relationships with the community. They know that in order to deliver the very best service to their customers, they need to start with providing the best work environment to their employees, which is why Nuvera focuses on an engaging and empowering company culture.

For over 110 years, Nuvera has had a commitment to growth and innovation. While products and services may change with the times, one thing that remains the same is their dedication to excellent service, customized solutions, and friendly local support that families, individuals, and businesses of all sizes can rely on.  There is a local customer solutions center in Hutchinson where experts are on hand to help you with your needs. Nuvera also has customer solutions centers located in New Ulm, Glencoe, Goodhue, Litchfield, Redwood Falls, Sleepy Eye, Springfield, and Aurelia, Iowa, staffing over 150 support experts that you can count on.

In addition to helping you with your residential or business telecommunication needs, Nuvera offers a free WiFi service at several public parks, community centers and fairgrounds.  Give them a call or stop by their local service center to find out


What does Nuvera enjoy most about their Chamber membership?

“Nuvera is proud to be a member of the Hutchinson Area Chamber of Commerce.  We understand the value of supporting the community and appreciate the networking, education and promotional opportunities, as well as a variety of valuable resources, provided by them. “

July 2018 Business of the Month

Elena's Bakery logo is made of a teal circle with orange letters and grey elegant drawing surrounding it. It has a small flower in the circle.

8 Main St N, Hutchinson, MN 55350

(320) 429-2253


In the Fall of 2013, the Hutchinson Economic Development Authority announced the winner of the Jump Start Downtown contest – a competition that gave entrepreneurs a chance at an amazing prize package to help kickstart their dreams. The winner was Elena Volkov from Elena’s Bakery – The Sweet Spot, and it was not only a dream come true for her but for all of you “sweets” lovers out there as well.

It was because of this contest that we are able to let our taste buds rejoice in the delicious and unique creations available at Elena’s Bakery. Each baked good is as natural and flavorful as possible; Elena is a master at using wholesome, fresh ingredients and paring amazing flavors into handmade breads and treats. Double chocolate cookies with a chocolate whiskey filling, sweet and salty bacon chocolate chip cookies, s’mores cupcakes with marshmallow frosting, parmesan pull-aparts to pair with your dinner… the list of irresistible options is endless.

A collage of photos from Elenas Bakery. The first is a photo of the entrance - a single door with a sign above and a logo in each window beside the door. The second is a picture of the tables in the bakery. The third is a photo of a woman baking desserts in a wide open setting. the third is a photo of cupcakes topped with pink frosting and cherries, some cupcakes have white frosting and sprinkles, and a variety of cookies. The last photo is of the parmesan pull apart bread.

Elena’s Bakery is always serving something new and fresh, but there are also classic favorites that loyal customers go back for time and time again. One of the “hot” items (at least in our office 😉) are the caramel rolls. The layers of these delicious rolls are perfectly smothered in a irresistible caramel glaze. State Senator Amy Klobuchar has also had a chance to find favorites at Elena’s Bakery – so much so that she had some goodies shipped to Washington DC!

The one not-so-secret ingredient in everything that is made at Elena’s Bakery is passion. Elena has a true love for what she does and for Hutchinson, works with many different community events and businesses. You can stop into Elena’s Bakery for a quick treat to grab-and-go, sit down to enjoy your baked good in the open-space bakery, or call for a custom ordered wedding / special event cake. What ever your baking needs and sweet tooth needs might be, there is something for you at Elena’s Bakery – The Sweet Spot!

A collage of photos from Elena's Bakery. The first is a photo of the Caramel Rolls which resemble cinnamon rolls but with a caramel brown icing. The second is of a walnut muffin. The third is of a cake decorated with pink and white icing - a flower and bow are made of icing. The fourth is a caked that is made to look like a boy scout shirt. It is blue with a yellow trim. The fourth is a cake that is made to look like a coach purse. It is purple and white with a gray strap.

What does Elena’s Bakery enjoy most about their Chamber membership?

“Being a Chamber Member is a great way to connect with local businesses and receive access to resources, training and marketing. It offers opportunities to be involved with the community and its events, making this vibrant town a beautiful place to live, work and raise a family.”

2018 June Business of the Month

Masonic / West River Park – North Bank of the Crow River

Hutchinson, MN 55350


Are you a fan of great music, fun activities, river-side views, camping, and delicious food and beverages? Grab your family and your tent – RiverSong Music Festival is something you don’t want to miss!

In 2007 the official RiverSong group was formed – their focus would be to provide, “a high-quality music and art festival experience in a natural and sustainable community setting,” but the first event wouldn’t take place until two years later in 2009. RiverSong will host its tenth music festival this July; it has grown to be a successful, highly-anticipated, community centric event that takes place each summer in Hutchinson, Minnesota.

If you’re a local resident looking for a chance to getaway this summer, you may not even have to leave the city limits. Stay on the campgrounds, experience the outdoors, listen to live music from different times and genres, enjoy a walk along the river, grab a bite to eat, take in a delicious beverage – there is something for everyone at RiverSong.

The festival prides itself on being a family-friendly and affordable event. There is free parking, free bike check, and free water available. Your kids can enjoy activities or listen to the kid-friendly musicians. RiverSong also features genres ranging from blues, rock, indie, country, Americana – you name it. You are bound to enjoy classic songs and find new favorites.

RiverSong is a favorite event for many locals, but brings in many of out-of-town guests as well, which is great for the Hutchinson community. The event gives people a reason to visit, shop, and explore our great town. RiverSong also leverages the wide array of strong community assets that are available. Many local businesses sponsor and support the event each year.

You can view the 2018 RiverSong schedule, purchase tickets, reserve campsites, sign up to volunteer, check out the sponsors, donate, and learn more about the event at


What does RiverSong enjoy most about their Chamber membership?

“RiverSong appreciates the continual support, volunteers and engagement from the Chamber. Our Hutchinson Area Chamber helps sell tickets and spread the word about our festival. It is also helpful getting the word out to surrounding communities with programs like the Tourism Marketing Grant which we utilize for our billboards and print ads.”

May 2018 Business of the Month

What makes a place a home? A home is a place where you can feel safe, happy, and like yourself. At Woodstone Senior Living, they believe in three key principals in offering the best possible service

May marks the fourth anniversary for Woodstone Senior Living. The facility opened their doors in May 2014 with a total of thirty care suites, twenty of which were specific to memory care. They’ve added eleven suites since then for residents. These apartments are designed to keep residents as independent as possible for as long as possible. The private, studio style apartments include a full private bathroom with low-step showers and an ample living space.

Woodstone believes in three key principles that help create the best experience possible for the residents that call this place their home:

  1. Offer choice
  2. Maintain dignity
  3. Promote individuality

They create activities based on what the residents enjoy doing. They have daily exercises that focus on strength and stability. There are community amenities available including a chapel, a movie theater, a salon and a variety of common places for the residents and their families to use.

If you have been to the Taste of the Holidays in the past couple of years, you know just how delicious Woodstone’s food is. They serve their residents healthy, home-cooked meals and offer everyone a chance to socialize at meal time.

What truly makes Woodstone unique is their size. They offer a smaller, more intimate and personal setting for their residents to call home, but still have great amenities that you’d expect to see in a larger senior living facility. The staff at Woodstone gets to know each resident and their family individually, offering them more personalized experiences and care.

“I think people would be surprised about the level of care we are capable of providing,” said Woodstone Director, Jill Springer, “Our community is designed to meet your needs both now and in the future.” The staff really focuses on keeping residents as independent as possible as they continue to age, but are right there with them to offer assistance with any activity throughout the day.

April 2018 Business of the Month

Landy Lodge Bar and Grill Logo. This is grey letters with a white background. There are small antlers at the top and arrows pointing to Est. 2015 beneath "Landy Lodge" - Hutch Minn. is at the bottom with a small, grey Minnesota between the two words.

760 Walnut Street NE, HutchinsonMN 55350

(320) 587-1010

Whether you’re looking for a fantastic place to grab dinner with your family or a fun night out on the town with your friends, Landy Lodge Bar & Grill is the place to be!

When you think of going to a cabin or a lodge, you think of getting away. Landy Lodge was created to give you that same relaxing feeling of a weekend retreat – it’s a place where you can surround yourself with friends, family, good food, cold drinks, kick back, relax and have fun. It is the perfect place to catch a game on TV, enjoy live music, or even test your skills in a weekly trivia battle!

A juicy hamburger sits on a square, white plate. The bun is open with lettuce and tomato on one side, and the hamburger patty topped with fried food and a drizzle of sauce on the other. There are tater-tots lining the right hand side of the plate along with two sandwich cut pickles in the corner.   An open faced country fried steak sits on a square white plate. There is country fried steak on the bottom, topped with bread, a scoop of mashed potatoes and doused in a dark beef gravy. it is garnished with parsley.

The owner, Heather Landerville, is a Hutchinson native that is proud to bring a lot of great traditions to the business, along with fresh ideas. You are always going to enjoy your time at Landy Lodge whether it be because of one of their unique and exciting events, or because you’re looking for a homey ambiance and well-cooked meal. There is something for everyone at this local bar & grill.

Be sure to follow the Landy Lodge Facebook page and the Hutchinson Area Chamber of Commerce Facebook page to stay up to date on lunch/dinner specials, events, and all of the opportunities at Landy Lodge this April and in the months to come! Stop by Landy Lodge to enjoy a meal, a beverage, or to snack on one of my personal favorites – their waffle fries and seasoned sour cream!

What does Landy Lodge enjoy most about their Chamber membership?

“The Chamber does a tremendous amount of work for businesses small and large in Hutchinson. They do a great job promoting and providing events that are beneficial to the success of our business and to many businesses in the town of Hutchinson.”


March 2018 Business of the Month


Compass Occasions logo. Grey letters spell out Compass Occasions and beneath that it says "You Imagine. We Create." in purple script letters. There is a faded compass in the background.
(715) 388-5862

There’s always so much excitement surrounding events. Is it the fact that you get to dress up for the night? Maybe you just can’t wait to find out what amazing food will be at your fingertips. Whatever the anticipation might be, there is nothing that makes a night feel more special than walking into a well-decorated venue – you can see the hard work that went into the evening and it truly makes all the difference.

About Compass Occasions

Compass Occasions is an event planning company based in Hutchinson, MN that organizes standout events for the groups and the businesses they work with.  The co-founders, Kayla Alexander and Valerie Mackenthun, are in their third year of business, but their journey started back in 2014 after they volunteered to help coordinate the Hutchinson Center for the Arts Annual Night for the Arts Gala. After helping with the gala, the pair took a 12-day road trip between San Francisco and Seattle where they talked non-stop about their shared love for the people, planning and details that are involved in organizing an event.

When they returned to Hutchinson, Valerie and Kayla were approached by a few local business owners who needed help coordinating their events.  “We were urged to make it official,” said Kayla and Valerie, and after a few meetings with the Southwest Initiative Foundation (a local non-profit that helps individuals start new businesses) Compass Occasions was ready to do just that.

Image displays a tropical table decoration. A wine bottle displays a message that says # Love Where You Live. There are vases with sand, shells, rocks, and artificial candles around. There are pieces of artificial seaweed, shells, and netting strewn about the table. Image of Compass Occasions co-owner decorating a long table for a wedding. The table has greenery, vases with floating candles, and metallic votive candles in the middle. water glasses have ivory napkins displayed and you can see other round tables decorated in the background.

The Fine Details

Compass Occasions specializes in three different types of event planning:

  • Non-Profit/Fundraisers
  • Corporate Events
  •  Weddings
    • Styling & design, rentals, and set up/tear down
    • Full coordination | Day of coordination | “Getting started package”

No matter what type of event they are planning, Compass Occasions is there to provide a unique experience that takes their clients’ events to the next level. Decorating is a fun and important factor in making a special occasion “special”, but it isn’t the primary focus for Valerie and Kayla. They create the best experiences by concentrating on “behind the scenes” details such as the event budget, internal timelines, vendor execution, and day-of logistics. They bring their clients’ visions to life, help guide the process, and make sure everything will go smoothly on the day of the event.

It’s easy to forget the amount of work and detail that goes into event planning – often times events are taken on by employees in addition to their workload. Compass Occasions has found that their services save their clients both time and money. An event planned by Compass Occasions will look fantastic and operate smoothly because of the hard work, organization, and attention to detail these ladies commit to each occasion.

Compass Occasions owners Kayla and Valerie taking a selfie in their Hutchinson Tigers headband/bandannas which are yellow with paw prints on them. Compass Occasions owners Valerie and Kayla are holding large bouquets of flowers filled will pink roses, white roses, some violet flowers, and a lot of greenery. They are smiling in front of a rustic wooden backdrop and two old whisky barrels.

The next time you’re planning an event and hoping to create an awesome experience for your attendees, reach out to Compass Occasions.

“We are lucky to live in an area with many opportunities to engage with our community. It can be challenging for a business or group to stand out among the countless events in the area. Our annual events are experiences guests look forward to each year.” – Valerie and Kayla, Compass Occasions


What does Compass Occasions enjoy most about their Chamber membership?

We enjoy being connected to a community of businesses through the Chamber. Their support has helped grow our business and we love the membership opportunities


February 2018 Business of the Month

Logo for CenBank. There is a white Con top of a solid green image of Minnesota, The rest of the letters spelling CenBank are in black and Est. 1893 is underneath them.

1380 Montreal St SE
Hutchinson, Minnesota 55350
(320) 587-2265

About CenBank

While CenBank may be new to the Hutchinson community, the Hutchinson community is not unfamiliar to them. The Buffalo Lake CenBank location has been an active member of the Hutchinson Chamber of Commerce and many staff members are involved in our Chamber events. It is great to be able to celebrate a new business opening in town that already has a great understanding and respect for the community. As the CenBank team puts it, “We are a community bank focusing on the banking needs of the people in the towns we operate. We are dedicated to the success of our customers and take pride in seeing them grow.”

Old, sepia tone image showing what CenBank looked like long ago in Buffalo Lake. There is welcome desk where people can fill out deposit slips to the right, a stone wall indoor garden in the middle, wood panel accents on the ceiling over hang, and people working in the background.

In 2018 CenBank will celebrate it’s 125th anniversary. The bank was founded in Buffalo Lake in 1893, where went by its original name of State Bank. In 1994 CenBank merged with Tri-County Bank in Ortonville and in 2018 they expanded to the great town of Hutchinson. Throughout its-125 year journey, CenBank has remained an independent bank in the state of Minnesota.

“As a community bank, you may find that CenBank makes a bank more than just a four-letter word!” CenBank offers a special program called the “Lend a Hand Program” that allows their customers to direct a $10.00 donation for every new account and loan that’s opened. During the first quarter of 2018, the ISD 423 Foundation and the McLeod Alliance for Victims of Domestic Violence will be the recipients of these donations. Additionally, CenBank is offering a $50.00 gift card to one of four local businesses whenever a new account is opened with direct deposit! *Certain conditions must be met.

Visit CenBank today and see how they can help you with your banking needs!

Mission Statement:

To be the financial institution of choice by expertly investing local deposits in the growth and
improvement of our communities.

 Vision Statement:

We help people in our communities reach their goals and dreams every day, proving we are –
Customer focused. Community driven.


What does CenBank enjoy most about being a Chamber Member? 

“We are excited to be a part of such an important organization in Hutchinson.  We understand that a strong  business sector isn’t only good for business, it is good for the community as a whole.  Our Chamber works tirelessly to support Hutchinson’s businesses and all of the jobs they provide.  All of us at CenBank are proud of our Hutchinson Chamber membership.”