Arts & Crafts Festival: Meet some of the Vendors!

We are all excited about the selection of vendors that will be at the 42nd Annual Arts & Crafts Festival on September 16th & 17th  Keep scrolling for a little sneak peek on some of the vendors!

Michelle Moody- “Just a Little Moody”

“I have been making bath and beauty product for myself and my loved ones for years. It wasn’t until ten years ago that I decided to try to begin selling what I make. It all began because I was tired of not knowing what was in the products I used daily or not being able to pronounce all the ingredients. I soon found that I liked what I made more than what I could easily buy and so did others… and so Just a Little Moody was born!” -Michelle Moody


Carol Henke – “Carols Stitches of Love”



Jena & Aron Levandowski – “Levandowski Pottery”

Levandowski Pottery was established in April 2003, when Jena brought Aron a set of pottery tools and a membership to community studio in Minneapolis. They each began with two shelves of space in this studio, which they quickly outgrew, so they decided to expand and share a full rack of shelves.  They now form 4-5 tons of clay per year into the pots they share during their open houses, traveling shows and in galleries across Minnesota.


Terry Rien- “Wooden Hearts”



Riki McManus – “Fire Rock”

“From the mines of Minnesota to the quarries thru out the United States, we have created a unique candle concept with an original look for each and every rock.  No two rocks will ever look exactly the same.” – Riki McManus