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October 2019 – Business of the Month

1180 State HWY 7 E

Hutchinson, MN 55350

October is National Manufacturing Month, and this month’s featured business has a rich manufacturing history in Hutchinson. Our local October Business of the Month, Heartland Ag Systems, recently became the largest Case IH commercial application equipment distributorship in North America, when Ag Systems merged with Heartland Ag earlier this year.

A local start before the merge

AG Systems, Inc.  was founded, by Dick Lenz in 1965 in Hutchinson Throughout its history, Ag Systems, Inc’s reputation grew as a leading manufacturer in agriculture equipment industry. Ag Systems is know for making anhydrous ammonia equipment, liquid applicators, pull-type spreaders, nurse tanks and the legendary Brute bumper. In addition, the company is the longest-running distributor for the Case IH application equipment line in North America. The distribution covers a trade area of Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin and the upper peninsula of Michigan. AG Systems, Inc. also carries Snyder tanks, New Leader spreaders, a wide variety of parts for the fertilizer industry and a mobile service fleet to support the needs of its customers.

On February 28, 2019, AG Systems, Inc. of Hutchinson, Minnesota, and Heartland Ag of Ames, Iowa, merged to create the largest Case IH commercial application equipment distributorship in North America. The new organization operates as Heartland AG Systems, Inc. The merger brings customers an expanded footprint, with nine locations across eight states, from the upper peninsula of Michigan to Colorado from east to west and from North Dakota to Missouri from north to south.

New facility offers great employment opportunities in Hutchinson

Heartland Ag Systems, Inc., strives to be the employer of choice for the Hutchinson area. The company employs approximately 100 people in Hutchinson and nearly 300 throughout the entire company.  They are investing in their future by building a new facility.  The new facility improves working conditions, allows for employment opportunities and aids in better service for our customers.  We have a great history of employee satisfaction and supporting the community through donations.

Manufacturing is done right here in Hutchinson

Heartland Ag Systems, Inc.’s sole manufacturing operations is in Hutchinson.  The products they manufacture are distributed throughout the USA and Canada.  As the largest CASE IH application equipment distributor in North America, Heartland Ag Systems is meeting the agriculture needs of the farmers through the country .  One way Heartland Ag System provides excellent customer service is through their commitment to servicing their equipment. Heartland Ag System service technicians provide a mobile service fleet, in addition to a local service center.  We have several local growers that rely on us for support of their products and farming operations.

Creating products that last and employees that stay

It may be surprising to some to learn of the geographical and agricultural impact of the product, manufactured by people of surrounding communities.  This company makes a difference for those that use it and for those that build the products. Heartland Ag Systems, Inc. takes pride in their low turnover rate and long-standing years of service of their employees.  Not only is this company assisting the ag industry, but they work to make sure their products are better for the world around them. The updated technology that is in the equipment today provides better stewardship for our environment, which in turns provides for a better tomorrow.


What does Heartland Ag Systems, Inc., enjoy most about their Chamber Membership?

We appreciate having the chamber as an avenue to help connect us to the community in ways that we would not be able to do without being members of the chamber. We fully intend on strengthening our partnership with the chamber as we continue to grow our company.




October 2019 – Something from Mary!


Here’s an Idea:

Let’s not wait until January 2nd to make changes, get in gear, or start something new.

Three months are left of 2019.

Chamber President Mary Hodson

Chamber President Mary Hodson


Let’s make them count by focusing on our updates now, starting today, October 1st.

So many times our tendency is to say “I’ll do that next week,” “I’ll start on Monday,” and don’t do a thing because we are too busy with the things right in front of us. These ‘things’ suck our energy away, leaving important items by the wayside.

This could be a change in diet or exercise, but it could also be an important book to read, manuals to update, or something else random, or otherwise significant. Wouldn’t it feel great to get to January 2, and say… I have that already done, or look at the progress made in three months.

I encourage you to look for three things to consider doing:

Something for you. Something that will make you feel good or better. Something that can help you achieve peace in your life.

Something at work. What have you been putting off,

or waiting for “the time”, or is really high importance but the urgency hasn’t been equally as high.

Finally, how about something for your fellow humans. Whether it is working with a community group, donation of time, talent or treasure, help for a neighbor, or a letter to a friend you haven’t communicated with for a while. Find something to help someone and/or bring them joy.

Now…. go out and make a difference, but remember, take care of you too!