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Something from Mary

40,000 Fewer People for Hire in MN

Creativity: the use of the imagination or original ideas

Synonyms: inventiveness, imagination, innovation, originality, individuality

Right now we need creativity, and all the other synonyms to manage the workforce shortage we are experiencing and are going to continue to experience.

Right now, in Minnesota, we have 40,000 fewer people in the workforce than we did one year ago. Yes, in just Minnesota….. way less people in the workforce. Now we know that is because of the baby boomers retiring, and the trailing generations have less people to fill this gap.

RIGHT NOW we all need to be thinking about HOW we do our work, not just WHO will do what we need now. Job openings are going to sky rocket, and seriously, there will be no one to step into MANY of these jobs.

So, how will YOU change HOW you work, hire, think?

I find this 40,000 number staggering. Here are some thoughts from my abys:

Work Load: What tasks do we currently take on, that don’t fit our work/mission?

Wait?! Do you know your mission?

Cross Training: If one person is out of the office/plant/etc for a day or a week, or more, who can step in and fill their role(s)?

Flexibility: What flexibility do you offer? Not just WHEN someone works, but WHERE and HOW? This is not about millennials, or Gen Z, this is about EVERYONE.

HAVE TO: Whenever you say “but we HAVE TO, do this, or that”….. Do you? No, really, do you have to do it the way you have, or this specific way, or in this order?

Lean Management & Six Sigma: this is an entirely separate conversation, HOWEVER, here is my synopsis: a process in which EVERYONE helps to provide steps for more productivity and quality of work, and reduce waste in the work place. Not garbage waste. Waste of time, inventory, motion, transportation, over- and under-production, and skills. There are some very good resources online about making your office or workplace leaner and more efficient.

These are just my top-of-mind thoughts this month, your team needs to be thinking about what you do on a daily, monthly and annual basis and how might this look different. Be willing to listen and consider the ideas and suggestions of others.

Super Bowl 52 – What does it mean for YOU?

Last week you may have seen that I ventured out to Minneapolis to learn more about how our community can get involved with Super Bowl 52.

Now you might wonder why would that matter to us at the chamber and our community?  Not only is the Super Bowl a day for football fans, this entire event hosts numerous opportunities for minority businesses to work directly with the NFL and showcase their craft or service.  It gives us a chance to “get on the map” in a HUGE way.

Business Connect, the National Football League’s Super Bowl and special event supplier diversity program is focused on creating contract and business development opportunities for certified minority-, woman-, veteran-, lesbian, gay, bisexual and/or transgender-owned qualified, diverse businesses and is looking for the following business types:

Audio Visual • Barricades • Carpet/Flooring • Catering/Food & Beverage • Courier Services • De-icing • Décor • Employment Agencies • Entertainment • Equipment Rental • Event Production • Fencing • Florists • Furniture • Generators • Gifts & Promotions • Golf Carts • Hardware Supplies • Linens • Office Supplies • Painters • Photography    • Port-O-Lets • Printing & Graphics • Security • Snow Removal • Tenting • Trailers • Transportation • Vans • Video • Waste Removal

If you are a business providing those goods or services, here are the additional eligibility requirements:

  • Be Headquartered in the state of Minnesota (with offices within the 13 County Twin Cities area)
  • Be 51% owned by a minority, woman, veteran, or LGBT-owned business individual and certified as one of the following:
    • Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)
    • Woman Business Enterprise (WBE)
    • Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB)
    • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Business Enterprise (NGLCC)
  • Have been in operation for three (3) or more years (i.e. registered with the state)
  • Provide goods or services requested by this program (see SBLII BC’s 56+ scopes of work)
  • Must be in good standing and eligible to do business in the state of Minnesota

If you meet these requirements, you must provide proof and initiate an application for certification/verification.  Please refer to the below website to gather more information on how you can apply for this certification.

All vendor registrations & certifications MUST BE completed by 03/31/17.  Registration does not guarantee your participation in the event as a vendor – but it allows you the opportunity to potentially bid on the opportunities available.

Why would you go through this process? This puts you in direct contact with key influential people from the NFL. It doesn’t give you an absolute “in” with them, but it definitely gives you an “edge”.  The program will host leadership and training opportunities, multiple networking events, and if chosen to take on a job, gives you and your business direct access to one of the largest stages& events in the world – the Super Bowl.

Are you ready for this?  This is the time for you to take a look in the mirror, think about where you see your business as it is now and where you want it to be in the future.  If you think you have what it takes, let’s get you there.

Please reach out to me, Mollie Terlinden, if you have additional questions about how to proceed.  Time is of essence – and if you have interest in taking this further, you must act QUICKLY.

All my best,



[email protected]


What’s Happening in March 2017?

Bring It Home Family Fun & Business Expo

Capture 2Early Bird Deadline for Bring it Home Expo is FRIDAY MARCH 3rd!  

Are you familiar with the Bring It Home Expo?  This event is a great way to showcase what your business does in our community.  All participating businesses/organizations must be located within a 10 mile radius of Hutchinson.  The Bring It Home Committee hosts this event to showcase what is in Hutchinson, and remind our community members that there is no need to leave Hutchinson to purchases the goods and services that you may need.

This one day Expo is popular in our community, and with all age ranges.  There are activities for children and a food court set up for people to sit, relax, and enjoy some local food options.

Click here to learn more and to find registration information.

New Members

We would like to welcome our new member to the Hutchinson Chamber of Commerce!

We also want to thank our renewing Members! 

  • Allina Health Home Care Services
  • B & B Sports & RV
  • Buffalo Wild Wings
  • Cornerstone Commons Group
  • CrossPoint Church
  • Crow River Glass
  • Family Rexall Drug
  • Gopher Campfire Club
  • Historic Hutchinson
  • Hutchinson Center for the Arts
  • Hutchinson Jaycees Water Carnival
  • Hutchinson Manufacturing, Inc.
  • Hutchinson Toastmasters II
  • Jeff Stamer Farms Partnership
  • Keller Williams Realty Integrity NW – The Straka Group
  • Kids Inc. Child Care
  • Mary Kay
  • Masterson Staffing Solutions
  • McCormick’s Family Restaurant
  • Piehl, Hanson, Beckman P.A.
  • Prairie River Home Care – Hutchinson
  • Shamrock Inn
  • Shoe Sensation
  • SteppingStone Therapeutic, Inc.
  • The Village Shop
  • Today’s Women of Hutchinson
  • Walmart Supercenter
  • Woodstone Senior Living

Music in the Park

We are excited to begin our planning for the 2017 Music in the Park Summer Concert Series.  Applications are now being accepted for Bands, Social Hosts, and Sponsors!  The concerts will be on Monday evenings from
6:30 – 8/8:30pm.  The Hutchinson Chamber plans the concerts for June 12 – August 7th.

Applications are due Friday, March 3rd!!

Please fill out application and return to the Chamber Office, 2 Main Street South.

**We are excited to be partnering with Historic Hutchinson and RiverSong in 2017, as we transition ownership of Music in the Park to these two organizations. Watch for more details later this year.

Business of the Month

We are highlighting West Central Sanitation as our March Business of the Month!

Click here to learn more about West Central Sanitation 


Summer Save the Dates

Can you believe we are already thinking of our summer events?? We are excited to know these fun events are just around the corner!

June 12- August 7: Music in the Park

July 24: Hometown Golf Challenge

July 27-29: Crazy Days

September 15 & 16: Arts & Crafts Festival

Something from Mary

Myth Busters: No matter what organization you are, there are always assumptions made about your business. The Chamber is no different, so I thought it might be helpful to dispel the common myths we hear regularly.

Read the rest of Mary’s article here: 


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