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“Something from Mary” has been taken over!

“Something from Mary” has been taken over!  Well, not really.  My name is Matt Beilke – Membership Coordinator for the Chamber and I have volunteered to write an article for this month’s newsletter. Happy to make my debut coming in from the bullpen!

Speaking of bullpens, the 93rd Annual State Amateur Baseball Championship is in full swing in Hutchinson.  The last few weekends have brought hundreds of people through our awesome town to watch and play in the tournament and enjoy all that Hutchinson has to offer.  When I drove by the park this past weekend, the parking lots were full and there were cars parked up to 2 blocks away!  People love coming out to a beautiful venue and city on a nice summer weekend to cheer for their town team!

And while we are on the topic of having visitors in town, we are expecting anywhere from 10,000-12,000 people in downtown Hutchinson for the Arts and Crafts Festival September 16-17.  Vendors and visitors come from the surrounding areas and states (yes, states!) to buy their favorite hand-made items, to eat and drink from over a dozen vendors at the Taste of Hutchinson and to experience all that our town has to offer.  Not only do we have those events that weekend, but we also have the first ever Stamp-N-Storage Warehouse Sale, the first ever Luce Line Lace Up, the Hutchinson Library Book Sale and the Hutchinson Farmer’s Market!  There truly is #MuchInHutch and we are EXCITED to be a part of it!

So why am I rambling about why people are in town so much lately?  Aren’t you supposed to be telling us about Membership, Matt?

Well, as Chamber members you should be excited that these people are in town!  Not only do they have the chance to see our beautiful town, but also to visit and patronize your business, stay in a local hotel, eat at a local restaurant and fall in love with Hutchinson like many of us have. Do not underestimate how much pictures on Facebook, positive Tweets, business visits and tourism dollars spent effect Hutchinson!  When you get a chance, please consider volunteering at local events like these.  Not only do you get to share about your business or organization first hand, but you also get to be a part of a fun event and give back to other organizations that help bring people to our hometown.

To volunteer for the Arts and Crafts Festival, please click here 

If you have any questions about Membership, Hutchinson or what my job at the Chamber is, don’t hesitate contacting me!



Arts & Crafts Festival: Meet some of the Vendors!

We are all excited about the selection of vendors that will be at the 42nd Annual Arts & Crafts Festival on September 16th & 17th  Keep scrolling for a little sneak peek on some of the vendors!

Michelle Moody- “Just a Little Moody”

“I have been making bath and beauty product for myself and my loved ones for years. It wasn’t until ten years ago that I decided to try to begin selling what I make. It all began because I was tired of not knowing what was in the products I used daily or not being able to pronounce all the ingredients. I soon found that I liked what I made more than what I could easily buy and so did others… and so Just a Little Moody was born!” -Michelle Moody


Carol Henke – “Carols Stitches of Love”



Jena & Aron Levandowski – “Levandowski Pottery”

Levandowski Pottery was established in April 2003, when Jena brought Aron a set of pottery tools and a membership to community studio in Minneapolis. They each began with two shelves of space in this studio, which they quickly outgrew, so they decided to expand and share a full rack of shelves.  They now form 4-5 tons of clay per year into the pots they share during their open houses, traveling shows and in galleries across Minnesota.


Terry Rien- “Wooden Hearts”



Riki McManus – “Fire Rock”

“From the mines of Minnesota to the quarries thru out the United States, we have created a unique candle concept with an original look for each and every rock.  No two rocks will ever look exactly the same.” – Riki McManus


TigerPath Academies

So what is TigerPath? Over the past several years, we have been working to connect HS education with future education and employment. Our initiative is called TigerPath Academies. These academies are created with the idea of merging traditional education with hands-on experiences rooted in real-world workforce opportunities.

How does it work? It is important that we begin by offering choice to students at a much earlier age. Through choice, you also must elect. It is part of the development process that is essential for students to learn responsibility to themselves. By promoting this choice, we absolutely except to increase the relevance of the high school experience for our students! Whereas you leave high school to “major” in a degree, or to pursue a vocation, TigerPath is more like picking up a “minor” to help you make that choice better.

We do this through multiple mechanisms. The icing on the cake is the connections we’ve developed by working with the Hutchinson community. The interactions with our community and workforce regarding TigerPath are much stronger than even seemed fathomable two year ago. We believe that TigerPath Academies will increase the effectiveness of our school, and beyond that, make our community and workforce more viable for the future!

(Content from Patrick Walsh, High School Principal)

Check out this video for more information on success in the new economy!


Click here for the TigerPath website to learn more about the program. 

Small Business Summit: October 4th

Directly impact your small business by attending this event. Generate ideas to build and improve your business. Build or grow you business resource network. Leave with tangible action items, greater awareness of topics timely to our business environment and renewed excitement for you work. There will be no sale pitches from the speakers!


Click here for more information and how to register. 

Picture 2

Human Resource Overtime Ruling Information Session

In 2014, President Obama directed the Secretary of Labor to update the overtime regulation to reflect the original intent of the Fair Standards Act, and to simplify and modernize the rules so they’re easier for workers and businesses to understand and apply. The final rule will become effective on December 1. 2016. (Article from United States Department of Labor)

The Chamber is here to help you better understand the rules of the new overtime regulation. On August 31st a Human Resource Overtime Ruling Information Session will be held at the Chamber, the session is provided by Gislason & Hunter. This session will help you learn how the new Department of Labor Overtime Ruling will affect your salaried employees and steps to be in compliance by December 1st, 2016.

Sessions are from 11:00 – 11:30 am and 12:00 – 12:30 pm.

Please click here to register. 

What’s Happening in August 2016?

Hutchinson Leadership InstituteLeadership Logo

It’s time! Time to register for the Leadership Institute! This is a decision you will not regret. Registration forms are available here.  If you still have questions, such as what the time commitment  is, when the group meets, or other questions, please email Mary or call 234-0785.


New & Returning Chamber Members

We would like to welcome our new members to the Hutchinson Chamber of Commerce!

We also want to thank our renewing Members!

  • Re/Max Results
  • Minnesota Pottery Festival
  • Clay Coyote Gallery & Pottery
  • ACC Midwest Transport
  • Evergreen Apartments
  • Casey’s General Store
  • Ag Systems, Inc.
  • Papa Murphy’s Take-N-Bake Pizza
  • Midwest Vision Centers
  • Canvasworks, Inc.
  • Nala Jean’s
  • Heartland Community Action Agency, Inc.
  • Equul Access, Inc.
  • Kwik Trip, Inc.
  • Hutchinson Dental Center
  • Vivid Image

Farm Fatigue

Farm Fatigue Tractor LogoEach harvest season, our Agri Business committee works hard to deliver buckets of goodies to our farmers in the fields in McLeod County. If your business is interested in supplying goodies or money for this program, please complete and return the Farm Fatigue Commitment Form.



State Baseball Tournament Information/Visitor Bags

If your business has information flyers and/or coupons we can add to the visitor’s bags handed out to all teams, PLEASE bring them to the Chamber office by August 10th, 2016.

Baseball Tournament Info Bag Flyer

Small Business Summit

Directly impact your small business by attending this event! Generate ideas to build and improve your business while you foster and grow your business resource network. Leave with tangible action items, greater awareness of topics timely to our business environment and renewed excitement for you work. Click here to learn more and to register!


August Business of the Month


Crow River Wheelers is our August Business of the month!

Learn more about them here.


Mary’s Article

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Why Hutchinson Leadership Institute?

“A Leader is someone who demonstrates what’s possible.” – Mark Yarnell                                                 How can one demonstrate, when they aren’t really aware of what there is? For the 28th Year, Hutchinson Leadership Institute will kick off in September, bringing with it: Speakers, experiences, “lightbulb” moments, friendships, and opportunity awareness.  read more here. 

42nd Annual Arts & Crafts Festival & Taste of Hutchinson

Make sure to put September 16 & 17 on your calendar!

Table Tents

The deadline to submit events for the 4th quarter (October, November, December) table tents is September 1!  To submit an event, email Casey or call 234-0786.  Also, if you submit an event to the table tents, make sure to add it to the online community calendar.  The community calendar averages about 100 views a day, so don’t forget to utilize it! Submitting an event to the community calendar may be done through your chamber member portal or the chamber website.

More Information for Your Business to Grow