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Let’s Go CRAZY!

HodsonIf you ask people who have lived in Hutchinson for a number of years, they will tell you that mid-summer brought CRAZY Days! Real craziness took place- CRAZY deals, CRAZY hours, CRAZY costumes, and people had a lot of fun.

July 10, 11 & 12, 2014…… It’s time to STAY CALM and GO CRAZY!

The Chamber is proud to be rousting people out of their homes, inviting people from all over our region, throwing up the store awnings and bringing some CRAZY back to Hutchinson. It’s not just downtown- it’s the entire town!

Any business can participate! Retail, Service, Restaurants, Lodging and Destination locations are ALL welcome to go CRAZY with us!

Businesses can participate by signing up with the Chamber, a simple business listing is free. A coupon in our coupon book is a $10 fee to list your CRAZY Days deal/discount/offer.

As a participating business consider a Crazy Days plan: What will you offer? Who will work? What can you do to encourage traffic during those three days? What will your Crazy Days windows look like? This mid-year time is a great way to re-connect with your regular customers, AND build relationships with NEW customers.

Crazy Days Window Decorating Contest: The Chamber will host this contest! Need ideas? Melissa has been adding to the Chamber’s Pinterest board ( with Window Decorating ideas to help get your creative juices flowing. Businesses can sign up with the Chamber to be part of the contest.

Marketing: The Chamber will be doing print marketing throughout a 60 mile radius of Hutchinson. This, added to our strong online presence, will spread the word of our CRAZY week of deals and fun! BUT, don’t forget to also spread the word through your own marketing avenues- we are all working together! When we all engage our target audiences it provides crossover for all businesses.

The Downtown Association will again host the Picnic in the Park on Friday. Saturday will bring the Farmers’ Market and an outdoor vendor tent event will be held at the Hutchinson Mall.

We’ll be listing as many of the local events for that weekend as possible, so be sure to list your event on the community event calendar on

Spread the word- tell your friends, family, customers and others- July 10, 11 & 12 will be CRAZY great in Hutchinson!


Hutchinson Gives Back

HGB_LogoAs part of the Hutchinson Leadership Development Program, we are kicking off a new community initiative, and asking for your help in identifying individuals and groups in need of assistance. We are organizing a one day event – Hutchinson Gives Back: One Community, One Super Saturday – in which we are matching volunteers with projects throughout the community on Saturday May 17th.

Our request is to help locate individuals and groups that are in need of assistance on projects so that we can provide volunteers to help them. This can be in the form of helping the elderly mow their yard or cleaning their garage to helping a church wash their windows to planting a garden. There is no project too big or too small; okay maybe there is a project that would be too big. Regardless, our aim is to get community members to help each other.

Our goal is to match as many projects as possible with volunteers to do them. We ask that those requesting assistance do so by May 3rd so that we may prioritize, match, and communicate back by May 10th.

There a two ways that a group or individual can request assistance:

1. Utilize the Sign-up forms

2. Stop by the Hutchinson Chamber of Commerce & fill out the form in person

Updates to our event can be found through Facebook –

If you would like a member of our group to attend a group meeting or present our initiative, please do not hesitate to contact one of our group chairs.

Thank you in advance for your support!

Hutchinson Gives Back Project

Joe Jorgenson – Email Joe or call 612-859-8770
Melissa Mayer – Email Melissa or call 320-234-1639
Karlie Mosher – Email Karlie or call 218-790-0372

Can you find #MuchInHutch

When we sat down to plan out our year last fall, we knew that we wanted to focus on getting Hutchinson noticed in 2014.  With that main goal in mind, we have been working hard to promote Hutchinson as a place to be.  We want people to know about our businesses, our events, and our attractions.  Something interesting that we have found though, is that it’s not just about spreading the word outside of Hutchinson that counts.  We also need to promote Hutchinson within our community.  We want visitors to find more reasons to come back and visit us again, and again, and again.  Shouldn’t the same be true for Hutchinson residents?

We have affectionately come to refer to this as ‘Connecting the Dots.’  We want people to know that there is more in Hutchinson than just a sports tournament, a single event, or the closest grocery store.  And so far, it seems like our ‘Connect the Dots’ campaign has been working.  Feedback from both businesses and shoppers during Small Business Saturday and Stop Shop & Drop have told us that people are finding reasons to both come to and stay in Hutchinson.  Not only are people  hearing about Hutchinson from family and friends and then coming to check it out for themselves, but locals are also finding more reasons to stay local.

The good news is, we’re not done yet!  We are constantly looking for new ways to promote Hutchinson and our businesses.  Events like the Bring It Home Business Expo are designed to showcase our businesses locally, while our shopping events like Stop Shop & Drop, Crazy Days, and Small Business Saturday allow us to draw from both local and non-local markets.

We are also in the second year of our Tourism Marketing Grant program with another deadline coming up on June 10th.  By offering marketing grants to our local events, we have a chance to help other organizations grow their events and push their marketing into potentially unreached areas as we continue to spread the word that Hutchinson is the place to be.

And now, thanks to social media and smart phones, we have yet another way to really show people what Hutchinson has to offer.  If you are out and about at an event or just having fun with your family, consider tagging your social media posts and/or pictures with #MuchInHutch.  And if you are looking for something to do, check out the table tents or visit our online calendar.  Let’s show off all the great things that we have to offer here in Hutchinson!